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This page includes copies of Kross Kurrents, the Camp Diary, sub-camps with the details of patrols and countries within and the feature article on the Staff of the Camp.


 Kross Kurrents 2006 

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   Thursday 27th July   

Camp Diary

This page will be updated daily with details of the days activity on camp, comments and photographs from the over 1000 Scouts and Leaders at the Jamborette.

Click here for the 2006 Diary.

Jamborette Programme 2006

Date Time Activity / Event Date Time Activity / Event
Monday 17th July 2006 - Scottish Scouts arrive and set up camp. Tuesday 18th July 2006 - Overseas Scouts Arrive
  1900 Scottish Scouts Tour of the Site.   - Opening Ceremony
        - Opening Campfires in Subcamps

Wednesday 19th July 2006 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Thursday 20th July 2006 - Daily Activity Programme
  1830 Camp Dinner - staff dine with Patrols   - Evening Activities Programme
  2030 Kross Opening Disco   - Evening Kross Karnival

Friday 21st July 2006 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Saturday 22nd July 2006 1400 Country Fair / Great Scottish Balloon Race
  1300 Satellite Camp Opens   1930 RC Mass
  - Evening Activities Programme   2100 International Campfire
  2000 International Showcase      

Sunday 23rd July 2006 - Late "Rise and Shine" Monday 24th July 2006    
  1030 Flagbreak   - Daily Activity Programme
  1100 Scouts' Own at Blair Castle   - Evening Activities Programme
  1430 International Games in the Subcamps   - International PLs Supper
  1800 Barbeque Meal in subcamps   - X Factor Karaoke
  2000 Ceilidh in the Kross      

Tuesday 25th July 2006 - Daily Activity Programme Wednesday 26th July 2006 - Last day of Daily Activity Programme
  - Evening Activities Programme   1800 Burns Supper
  - International PLs Supper   2000 Beach Party in the Kross
  - I'm a Subcamp Uncle - Get me out of here      

Thursday 27th July 2006 1100 Atholantics Friday 28th July 2006 - Dispersal of Scouts
  - Subcamps dismantle   - Dismantle of Camp
  2130 Closing Ceremony & Campfire      

The Blair Atholl Kross Main Events 2006

Each night something special is happening in the Kross. From eight till late this is where it's happening.

Wednesday 19th is the Kross Opening Disco. Get your dancing shoes on. After the PL's supper make your way to the Kross to boogie on down to the official opening of the Kross.

Thursday 20th role up, role up, role up for all the fun of the fair at the Kross Karnival. Try your luck at hooking ducks or the coconut shy. Get your face painted and have a jig on the dance mat. If you are feeling energetic, queue up for inflatable fun, Shaggy The Sheep, Gladiator Dual Fighting, Pole Jousting, Bungee Run, Extreme Assault Course and a Giant Slide

Friday 21st - its International Showcase. A talent show for all, in the Kross this evening. Get up on stage and perform to the whole camp show the talent your country has to offer

On Sunday 23rd, Ceilidh In The Kross. Say farewell to our satellite campers at this traditional Scottish Hoolie. Come dressed for the occasion and show our overseas guests traditional Scottish dancing

Have you got the X-Factor? Monday 24th kicks off the week with an X-Factor Karaoke Show off your singing skills or just vote for your favourite performer of the night!

Tuesday 25th, it must be I'm a sub camp uncle - get me out of here! An evening of fun and games. Volunteer to get up on stage to fight for the honour of your sub camp and help your Uncle survive humiliation and the indignity of the gunge tank. Take part in silly games to gain points. At the end of each round the loosing sub-camp uncle will be sent to the gunge tank. Then finish the evening listing to a live band on stage.

And after ALL that it's definitely going to be a night to remember. Wednesday 26th, the final night in the Kross, the legendary Beach Party. Get your Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and shades ready for the final disco.

Something for everyone - come and chill out in the Kross.

Camp Diary 2006

Monday 17th July 2006

May 2006

4 p.m. 16th July 2006

4 p.m.. 17th July 2006

Another View

Members of the Staff team have been on site for the last five days making the basic preparation for this years camp, running water supplies in, electricity for the admin office and Internet facility, pitching marques . The main body of the Scottish Staff members appeared on site over the week-end and have been busy continuing the work in readiness for the arrival of the Scottish Scouts today.

It's been a great day wise, cool in the morning with some cloud, but dry. The afternoon was sunny and quite hot - the registration team were fortune enough to have some cover from the sun as they checked the youngsters in, but as evening approaches it is quite pleasant.

The Scottish Scouts have been busy pitching tents in readiness for the arrival of the International contingents tomorrow morning - as can been seen from the pictures above.

As many of the Scottish Scouts have not been at the Jamborette before, each of the subcamps made a tour of the site visiting various bases where they were given a brief introduction to the Kross - the centre of the social life where the Bank, Post Office, Cafe, theatre and Scout Shop is based and where some of the activities take place, Site facilities - the do and don'ts around the site with regards to the facilities, Reception Area, dress code when leaving site etc, the Medical Centre - camp hygiene and surgery hours and finally the Quartermaster and details of how the patrols receive their rations each day.

By night fall, the Patrol Areas were ready to receive the incoming visitors in the morning.

Tuesday 18th July 2006

Another great day, cloudy in the morning, but warm. The sun eventually broke through and the afternoon was very warm.

The first arrivals got to Blair Atholl about 10 a.m. with two coach loads of Scouts who had arrived yesterday and spent the night near Paisley. There was a steady stream of arrivals through until 2 p.m.

The above is a random selection of arrivals. Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture in the Gallery.

After registration and checking all their details, the youngsters were taken to their subcamps to meet their host patrols. Details of this will be added the the subcamp pages in the gallery as soon as it is available.


The evening saw the official opening ceremony of the camp, with Camp Chief John Kennedy welcoming the Scouts from the 17 countries represented and lighting the 6 subcamp torches from the flame of the 2004 Blair Atholl Jamborette. The subcamp chief's then lead their clans back to the respective subcamps for a campfire and this was followed by a short firework display on the hill above the site.

Wednesday 19th July 2006

One piece of news that was omitted yesterday was that the BBC (one of the UK's television companies) visited the camp yesterday and are doing a piece on their Scottish region network during the news bulletins today. There is also a piece on the BBC web site this morning. Click on the link to read.

Today is another great day, cooler in the morning but the afternoon promises to be another very hot day.

Activities started today. We also had a surprise visit from the other major television company, Scottish Television who brought a mobile unit on site and did a live lunch time slot on their Scottish News Programme including and interview with John Kennedy and a Scout from Hong Kong. The STV team remained on site all afternoon, shot some footage of the activities and then did another live slot on the evening news, however this only went live in the Grampian region. On this occasion as well as interviewing John again, they also included to an American and a Canadian Scout in the interview.. We hope to have a DVD from STV by the week-end of the two broadcasts which can then be shown in the Kross.

The evening saw the staff members eating with the subcamps. Each member of staff is designated a 'cousin' to a subcamp and receives an invitation to join the patrols for dinner.

The evening finished with the young people mingling together and there was a disco in the Kross.


Thursday 20th July 2006

This morning is a bit cooler, but still a very pleasant temperature. The weather forecast is good with the possible threat of some showers.

The activities continue today- the youngsters have a selection available to them each night and this is passed to the Activities Office to collated so that each Activity Leader knows how many, and who, to expect.

This evening, there was a Karnival in the Kross, and what a time they all had, including the staff. Of course thee were those that preferred to lazy around outside the Kross or socialise.

Friday 21st July 2006

Another day full of activities. Again a cool start to the day in comparison with the beginning of the camp, but afternoon the sun had burnt it's way through and it was a very pleasant afternoon.

The Satellite camp opened and by evening there were over 370 people camped across in that field. During the week-end these youngsters, and no doubt some of the leaders, will have the opportunity to try some of the activities. It is a great opportunity to introduce the younger members of the Scouts to camping and an International Scouting event.

This evening also saw the International Show Case in the Kross where they various countries present at the Jamborette had the opportunity to put on a short act.

Saturday 22nd July 2006

Another good day, in the main it has stayed dry, although we did have a few splits of rain late afternoon/early evening, but nothing to dampen the spirits as one may say.

Of course to day was the Country Fair and these drew the crowns of parents, families and friends to Target Park. These included a few of the original 1946 campers and it was great to see them 60 years on. Also present were a number of past Champ Chiefs.

All the usual fun of the Fair of course with a various stalls from the different countries and patrols on camp and a repeat performance of the fantastic acts from Friday Night's Show Case.

The evening finished with the now traditional Camp Fire on the hillside overlooking the camp side with many parents and friends staying on to join in, as well, of course, as the Satellite Camp members.

Sunday 23rd July 2006

A lot of low cloud around this morning when I got up, but it soon burned off and by the time the Scouts Own parade to the Castle was ready to start, whilst cloudy, the heat was building. The whole camp paraded up the drive to the castle with all the attending nations flags, accompanied by the pipes and drums of the Blair Atholl Pipe Band.

A large number of visitors at the castle for the service which is held on a grass bank at the side of the Castle. After the short service the Camp paraded back down to the camp site again.

The afternoon turned into a 'chill out' session - the International games planned for the afternoon were trimmed back due to the heat, swimming in the nearby River Tilt was preferred option, although there were the odd games of football, volleyball, lacrosse and frisbie.

This evening, it was the Staff turn to cook for the Scouts. A simply barbeque with a selection of meats, salad etc.

This evening there us a Ceilidh in the Kross. Tomorrow it is back to activities.

Monday 24th July 2006

Last night saw some rain, but absolutely nothing to write home about. It was fairly overcast first thing in the morning, but the sun soon broke through and again it is quite warm. The young people are back on activities after a relatively quiet week-end.

I visited the watersports this afternoon, a small shower during the 30 minute drive, but in fact I got wetter getting the pictures for the web site.

This evening is the X Factor Karaoke in the Kross.

Tuesday 25th July 2006

Once again the weather follows the same pattern and it is great for the camp - slight showers overnight and great daytime. The youngsters continue to have a great time on activities, the home hospitality is coming together, although there, as usual the last minute hiccups ut the Admin team are well used to handling that.

Tonight, two main activities - the Patrol leaders have their evening in the Staff Club with the International PL's Supper - a night of fun and entertainment - and supper flung in. Prior to that a new entertainment session for the camp - "I'm a Subcamp Uncle - GET ME OUT OF HERE". The Uncles, and Aunt, are faced with a number of challenges for themselves and members of their subcamp, the losing Uncle/Aunt of each round faces the gunge tank.

Wednesday 26th July 2006

An early arrival this morning - 6.30 a.m. and the Chief Scout, Peter Duncan, arrives on site and is promptly whisked away into the hills to meet the Scouts on the overnight bothy/cycle activity and the Chief cycled back in with the youngsters before heading for some breakfast.

He joined the Morrison patrol for inspection and then headed off to activities.

During the day he toured many of the activities in the field, talking with leaders and youngsters. He also through himself at the mercy of the Atholl Experience team, completing the whole course with a crowd of the youngsters

In the evening he joined the top table at the Staff Burns Supper before heading back down south on the night train.

Thursday 27th July 2006

It may be the last full day of camp, but it is fun packed, especially in the morning with the Blair Athollantics - a fun packed session of ames and challenges around the main camp field. All to soon it is over, and it is time to start dismantling the gateways and pioneering projects and to put the timbers into storage for Blair Atholl 2008.

The last edition of Kross Currents is produced and distributed - remember these are all available on the website in colour. The last email session in the cabin is held and we all head for the final campfire on the hill above the camp site.


Three thumb nails of the closing camp fire. Further pictures will be added to the gallery early next week.

Friday 28th July 2006

This morning the camp breaks up and our new, and old, foreign friends leave camp to go on their own ways. Many of the Scouts and Leaders will be taking the opportunity of Home Hospitality with their Scottish friends for a few days whilst some Leaders take the opportunity to do a private tour of Scotland and others head straight for home.

In two years time we will gather again here at Blair Atholl for the 31st Blair Atholl Patrol Jamborette and we hope to see many of our friends again at this time.

Haste ye back

Below are the details of which Scottish and International Scouts are in the respective sub-camps for 2006

Macdonald MacLean Morrison Murray Robertson Stewart

MacDonald Subcamp

The MacDonald Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Auntie Jackie .

They are :-
  • Angus and Canada, Connecticut USA
  • Banff & Buchan and Denmark
  • Dumfries and Germany
  • Edinburgh and Bulgaria
  • Fife and Forth Worth, USA
  • Forth Valley and Silver Springs, USA
  • Greater Glasgow and Poland
  • Inverness and Vancouver Island, Canada
  • Lanarkshire and Iceland
  • Moray and Utah, USA
  • Perth and Kinross and Victoria B.C., Canada
  • Renfrew and Inverclyde and Sola, Norway
The Aunts and Uncles  

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MacLean Subcamp

The MacLean Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Bruce.

They are :-
  • Ayrshire and Illinois, USA
  • Banff & Buchan and Chemainus B.C., Canada
  • Caithness and Iceland
  • Clackmannan and Monterey Bay, USA
  • East Lothian and N Florida, USA
  • Greater Glasgow and Georgia, USA
  • Fife and Iwate, Japan
  • Forth Valley and and Monterey Bay, USA
  • Gordon and Georgia, USA
  • Kincardine & Deeside and Netherlands
  • Lanarkshire and Kvernaland, Norway
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Russia
  • Western Isles and Germany
Some of The Aunts and Uncles - It's not that Bruce is small but...  

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Morrison Subcamp

The Morrison Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Steven .

They are :-
  • Angus and Russia
  • Ayrshire and Maryland, USA
  • Clackmannan and Vancover Island, Canada
  • Dumfries and Netherlands
  • Dundee and Denmark
  • Edinburgh and Waidhofen, Austria
  • Fife and Kvernaland, Norway
  • Forth Valley and Baden Powell New York, USA
  • Kincardine & Deeside and Connecticut, USA
  • Lanarkshire and U.S.A Iceland
  • Perth & Kinross and Gibraltar
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Florida, USA
The Aunts and Uncles  

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Murray subcamp

The Murray Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Robert

They are :-
  • Angus and Poland
  • Banff & Buchan and Connecticut, USA
  • Caithness and Kvernaland, Norway
  • Dundee and Hong Kong
  • Fife and Baden Powell New York, USA
  • Forth Valley and Netherlands
  • Galloway and Monterey Bay, USA
  • Greater Glasgow and Denmark
  • Inverness and Iceland
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Victoria BC, Canada
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Germany
  • West Lothian & Lanarkshire and Florida, USA
The Aunts and Uncles  

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Robertson Subcamp

The Robertson Sub-Camp comprises of 13 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Fraser .

They are :-
  • Argyle and Maryland, USA
  • Aberdeen and Denmark
  • Angus and N Florida, USA
  • Ayrshire and Sola, Norway
  • Banff & Buchan and Hiawatha, USA
  • Borders and Waidhofen, Austria
  • Dundee and Netherlands
  • Fife and Iwate, Japan
  • Forth Valley and Connecticut, USA
  • Kincardine & Deeside and Islands Regions, Canada
  • Lanarkshire and Poland
  • Moray and Iceland
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Austria, Vienna
The Aunts and Uncles  

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Stewart Subcamp

The Stewart Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Sharkey

They are :-
  • Aberdeen and Connecticut, USA
  • Banff & Buchan and Vienna, Austria
  • Dumfries and Utah, USA
  • Edinburgh and Hong Kong
  • Fife and Fort Worth, USA
  • Forth Valley and Ireland
  • Gordon and Silver Spring, USA
  • Kincardine & Deeside and Kvernaland, Norway
  • Midlothian and Maryland, USA
  • Perth & Kinross and Islands Region, Canada
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde and Gibraltar
  • West Lothian and Russia
  • Northern Ireland and Iceland
The Aunts and Uncles    

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Special Features

Here we will take a look daily at the various aspects of the Site - The Sub Camps, Site Services Team, The Activities Team etc.

The Camp Chief

John Kennedy first became involved with the Blair Atholl Jamborette in 1976 and has attended all 16 camps since.

This is John's 6th Jamborette as Camp Chief, a role he thoroughly enjoys.

This year there are 774 Scouts from 17 countries and a support staff of 368.

John said "I have a great support staff which makes this camp run smoothly from start to finish."

So what does the Camp Chief do?

John's response was "I co-ordinate all the teams through the planning stages and throughout the camp itself. We start some 12 months before the event and of course have a wind up meeting afterwards to review everything and identify any improvements.
I have a great team supporting the camp including all the International Leaders who bring their Scouts from all parts of the World. They come together and work together every two years as if they did this on a daily basis."

And what does John do with his time when not planning the next Blair Atholl Jamborette? He is the Area Commissioner for the City of Edinburgh which comprises of 8 Districts and that keeps him fully occupied.



A small team of leaders are located in the main reception area and this manned every day of the Jamborette to welcome visitors where they are signed in and out for security reasons. Anyone leaving the site also reports in and out at reception for the same reason. They also handle all the incoming calls to the camp site and it is main base for the Camp radio which enables the core team to communicate with each other.

On display in the reception marquee are various leaflets on Scotland and details of Scouting, as well as details about the camp and the location of the subcamps

Site Services

Where would we be without this team - often hidden from sight, they are amongst the first on site before the camp and last to leave. Making provision for the various facilities - water, electricity etc. Who looks after the loo's when they get blocked - Site services.

On the go from early in the morning, ensure everything is in tiptop shape - the toilets and showers clean and working, rubbish collected and disposed of, building the main gateway and the camp fires on the Saturday and last night - they are hard people to find - yet they are everywhere - and work on until late at night, and occasional all night when things go wrong.

The Quartermaster's Store

Now here is a team of people that the Scouts visit regularly - to pick up their rations for the day. Working away behind the scenes in the Quartermaster's Store to ensure that all the food stuffs are available for each patrol on time, in the right quantities and occasional to meet any special dietary needs that there may be in a patrol. No mean feat.

Can you imagine how many litres of milk are delivered to the site every day to satisfy the needs of nearly 1200 people?

A few statistics to frighten the mums-part of the camp shopping list

  • over 3000 litres of milk
  • 105 dozen eggs
  • 228 Kg of liquid egg
  • over 800 white loaves of bread, AND 288 brown loaves.
  • over 10,000 rolls
  • 150 apple pies

Meat, fruit, yogurts, soft drinks, water (and we have had need of plenty of that this year and had to bring in extra supplies) all mysterious appears on site that's to this team who continually after to monitor the usage to ensure they do not run short.

The Administration Team

OK, so they stopped for afternoon tea one day! That was the eye of the storm passing over.

This team have a massive task right from day one of the camp, checking people in onto the camp, making sure all the contact details are still current in case of an emergency.

But it does not stop there -

After their tea party (well actually before it) the team then starts in about making arrangements for the home hospitality for the visiting Scouts and leaders. They need to find out who is going home with a Scottish Scout and where they are meeting up again with their contingent for the return trip home. One German group is going to Edinburgh for a few days and needed to find out how to get to Glasgow Airport for their flight home - a mini-bus has been arranged to transport them, saving a lot of changing of buses for them.

That is the role of the admin team - well done folk - a lot of work in a short time.

The Camp Hospital

As with every camp, it is essential that there is a sound support in the way of First Aid for the Scouts. Blair Atholl is no exception and in fact has a number of resident doctors on site and available 24 hours a day. They are supported by a number of nurses and Paramedics and a host of qualified First Aiders.


The hospital comprises of a marquee, with a wooden floor and comprises of a reception area, treatment room and a rest room, should it be needed. There is also an ambulance on site should there be an emergency.

The doctors hold a surgery twice a day during the camp to attended to any ailments or injuries that may have occurred. But they are always available at the end of a radio.

The usual cuts and bruises, sore throats, headaches strains and sprains are the main causes of visits to the doctors.

The doctors do urge that everyone, but everyone should wash their hands immediately before handling food or eating AND be careful of what you do - think before you do something because you could seriously injuring someone.

Staff Catering

The catering team - without whom the Staff would not survive. The team serve meals three times a day for the duration of the camp. That is roughly 1000 meals per day, all prepared in a small portable kitchen unit. Inside the Dining Area there is a chill unit from which the staff can help themselves for cold starters and sweets. The Dining hall is equipped with units to keep the food hot and the meals prepared are not just take what you are given, there is a a full breakfast available and a selection for lunch and dinner.

They do have some time off - Camp Dinner on Wednesday night gives the team a break as does the Sunday evening barbeque, but them there is the Staff Burns Supper to contend with!

Well done to the cater staff for keeping the leaders well fed.

The Staff Club

The quiet quarter - well somewhere for the staff to drop in for a tea or coffee, have a read at the daily papers and general relax.

Evening entertainment is also provided most nights - a quiz, a replay of the International Show Case which many staff don't have the opportunity to see in the Kross - and of course supper is served here for the staff.

The Activity Team

Last but not least - the largest team of the camp - without them there would be no Blair Atholl. Apart from the leaders on the activities, there is a team of leaders working away in the background who working the number of young people that each base can handle and then allocate some many places to the sub-camps on a daily basis. There are some long nights in the Activity cabin whilst they untangle the problems.