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This page includes copies of Kastle Kurrents, the Camp Diary, sub-camps with the details of patrols and countries within and the feature article on the Staff of the Camp.


 Kastle Kurrents 2008 

These files are in pdf file format - you will need Acrobat Reader to read these files. If not available on your machine it is available from Adobe, free of charge from their web site. Some of these files are large and may take some time to open 

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   Thursday 31st July   

Camp Diary

This page will be updated daily with details of the days activity on camp, comments and photographs from the over 1000 Scouts and Leaders at the Jamborette.

Jamborette Programme 2008

Date Time Activity / Event Date Time Activity / Event
Monday 21st July 2008 - Scottish Scouts arrive and set up camp. Tuesday 22nd July 2008 - Overseas Scouts Arrive
  1900 Scottish Scouts Tour of the Site.   - Opening Ceremony
        - Opening Campfires in Subcamps

Wednesday 23rd July 2008 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Thursday 24th July 2008 - Daily Activity Programme
  1830 Camp Dinner - staff dine with Patrols   - Evening Activities Programme
  2030 Kastle Opening Disco   - Kastle Karnival

Friday 25th July 2008 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Saturday 26th July 2008 1400 Country Fair / Great Scottish Balloon Race
  1300 Satellite Camp Opens   1930 RC Mass
  - Evening Activities Programme   2100 International Campfire
  2000 Blair Atholl's Got Talent (Kastle)      

Sunday 27th July 2008 - Late "Rise and Shine" Monday 28th July 2008    
  1030 Flagbreak   - Daily Activity Programme
  1100 Scouts' Own at Blair Castle   - Evening Activities Programme
  1430 International Games in the Subcamps   - International PLs Supper
  1800 Barbeque Meal in subcamps   - Blair Idol
  2000 Khaos in the Kastle      

Tuesday 29th July 2008 - Daily Activity Programme Wednesday 30th July 2008 - Last day of Daily Activity Programme
  - Evening Activities Programme   1800 Burns Supper
  - International PLs Supper   2000 Kastle Keilidh
  - Blair Atholl's Gameshow Marathon      

Thursday 31st July 2008 1100 Atholantics Friday 1st August 2008 - Dispersal of Scouts
  - Subcamps dismantle   - Dismantle of Camp
  2130 Closing Ceremony & Campfire      

The Blair Atholl Kastle Main Events 2008

Each night something special is happening in the Kastle. From eight till late this is where it's happening.

Wednesday 23rd is the Kastle Opening Disco. Get your dancing shoes on. After the PL's supper make your way to the Kastle to boogie on down to the official opening of the Kastle.

Thursday 24th role up, role up, role up for all the fun of the fair at the Kastle Karnival. Try your luck at hooking ducks or the coconut shy. Get your face painted and have a jig on the dance mat. If you are feeling energetic, queue up for inflatable fun, Shaggy The Sheep, Gladiator Dual Fighting, Pole Jousting, Bungee Run, Extreme Assault Course and a Giant Slide

Friday 25th - It's Blair Atholl's Got Talent. A talent show for all, in the Kastle this evening. Get up on stage and perform to the whole camp show the talent your country has to offer

On Sunday 27th, Khaos In The Kastle. Say farewell to our satellite campers at this traditional Spooky Haloween themed evening. Come dressed for the occasion. Dooking For Apples, Ghost Walk, Spooky Spinner and Wheels of Fire, Come along and find out what we have to offer.

Can you see yourself as the next Leona Lewis or Jordin Sparks then come and take part in  BLAIR IDOL, Monday 28th kicks off the week with an Blair Idol Karaoke Show off your singing skills or just vote for your favourite performer of the night!

Tuesday 28th, it must be Blair Atholl?s Gameshow Marathon ? Each subacamp will have to enter teams to take part in famous TV gameshows such as Family fortunes, The Weakest Link and Play your Cards Right. If you win you will help your Uncle survive humiliation and the indignity of the gunge tank. At the end of each game the loosing sub-camp uncle will be sent to the gunge tank.

And after ALL that it's definitely going to be a night to remember. Wednesday 30th, Kastle Keilidh, After your Burns Supper make your way down to the Kastle for some traditional Scottish Dancing with Scotch In A Box Ceilidh Band and enjoy a Burger at the BBQ.

Something for everyone - come and chill out in the Kastle.

Camp Diary 2008

Monday 21st July 2008

The day has arrived for the arrival of the Scottish Scouts. However over the last 5 or 6 days members of the Camp Staff have been work hard make the preparations on site for this years camp. Meters of electrical cable and water pipes have been laid across the field, marquees pitched, sub camp areas marked out for each patrol. The majority of Scottish camp staff arrived on Saturday morning to help and slow but sure, the camp site takes shape and the Kastle, which is the social center of the camp is now taking shape. This will continue throughout today in readiness for the opening of the camp tomorrow.

A beautiful summer morning in all respects apart from the temperature. There is quite a chill in the air, although when you are in the sun you can feel the heat. Click here to see the forecast for the next few days - and it looks promising.

The first Scottish contingent arrived on site at 9 a.m.

After checking in it was off to meet their sub-camp staff and start work at setting up their camp area.

Progressively through the day the remaining 72 Scottish patrols arrived.

Worked continued into the evening, preparing their campsites for their guests who will arrive in the morning.

Later in the evening, each sub-camp moved round a number of bases where they were given the "Do and Don't's" all aimed at making their of the camp covering activities, administration, health and safety, handling of food etc, all aimed at making sure that the will have a safe and enjoyable camp.

  Setting up Camp     Setting up Camp     Talks from the core team about the camp     Around the site with the Core Team  

Tuesday 22nd July 2008

Yesterday's temperatures made a difference to the overnight temperature and today started off very pleasant as the patrols continued their work in building the campsites

The first International arrivals were heralded in by a piper just after 10.30 this morning and there was a continuous flow through to around 3.30 p.m.


One of the American contingents arrived with a rendering of 'Scotland the Brave' using tubes - very effective.

It has been another scorcher here, and when swimming was cancelled one of the patrols from Dumfriesshire created their own "pool".

Dumfries Cool off International leaders meeting The sub-camps gather The torches are lit

In the early part of the evening, there was a meeting with the International Leaders and the senior camp staff when the Camp Chief and his team briefed the leaders on the various aspects of the camp, health and safety, medical matters etc.

Later in the evening saw the official opening of the Camp by the Camp Chief, John Kennedy. This was followed by camp fires in the individual sub-camps. The evening finished with a short firework display.

Eva lights the McLean Camp Fire The MacDonald Sub Camp The Morrison Sub Camp The Stewart Sub Camp
The Robertson Sub Camp The Murray Sub Camp The MacLean Sub Camp Fireworks

Wednesday 23rd July 2008

Today saw the start of activities for everyone, some on site and others off site. Over the coming days we will publish a wide selection of these featuring different members of the camp.

It has been another glorious day here in Blair Atholl, but very hot whilst in the sun.

Crafts Backwoods Cooking Pioneering Living History

The evening the leaders ate with the Patrols in the sub-camps, which gave the catering staff a break - quite a task to prepare three meals a day for over 400 people. later on came the Kastle opening disco - the places is bouncing at the moment.


As can be seen through the stage smoke, it is a pretty tech theatre come disco area, with all the special effect lighting, smoke generators and a projector for showing films.

Thursday 24th July 2008

Into the second day of activities, another great morning. It has been a bit cooler today and a few strong gusts of wind which caused a few problems around the Kastle, but the service team soon had everything under control again without any disruption.

As you can imagine, the logistics of catering for a camp this size is considerable.


The queue for breakfast rations, and the rations lined up in the quartermasters store and then their are the staff, who have their meals prepared by a catering team of leaders (on most days they prepare 3 meals a day with a choice.

We have mentioned the Kastle, but until today we did not have a picture of it. For old Blairites, the Kastle has replaced the Kross this year.

The kastle is the social center, the Kafe, Kastle Kurrency (the bank) and Korresonance (Post Office)- all with new looks this year.


And this evening was the Karnival in the Kastle - plenty of colour games and hype and a live band to make it swing.


Friday 25th July 2008

Wow, what a change this morning, a full cover of cloud but it was dry and a bit cooler. At least one of the Scots thought it was back to winter - but, honestly, it was not the bad.

My programme for the morning was to go out to the water sports and get some pictures there and then to site for lunch.

When I arrived the canoes and yachts were already on Loch Tummel and the cloud was covering the tops of the surrounding hills - why did I choose today to come out to this beautiful spot.

One of the leaders assured me the water was somewhat chilly but undaunted he was up to his chest sometimes in the water, helping the youngsters learn the technique of using canoe paddles - rather him than me :-)

After a section of photographs, it was of for a sly visit to Pitlochry to see if I could find some of the visiting Scouts, before heading back to camp.


And the weather had totally changed by the time I had got back and everyone was again basking in sunshine.

Back to the backwoods cooking- this time the meal was ready, and there was a desert and it looked yummy. Kastle Kurrents where , the youngsters were preparing today's edition, the Activities Office where all the scheduling is done and a visit to the newly arrived Satellite Camp, where Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts can come and join the experience for a week-end - but places are limited to 300 people. Whilst at the Satellite, which is in an adjoining field, the youngsters have the opportunity to visit the main camp and also try some of the activities.


This evening in the Kastle - Blair Atholl's Got Talent - and believe me it has - individual and groups will have the opportunity to demonstrate this to everyone - but of course many of the leaders will not have the opportunity to see this as they are now preparing for Visitors Day tomorrow. Fear not they will have there own special rendering of the show one night next week.

Saturday 26th July 2008

Another cloudy morning but quite warm. Cloud was quite heavy and we did hear that it was raining in Perth.

A normal morning, breakfast followed by inspection and then set about preparing for Visitors Day. There is quite a lot behind this as the various patrols have requirements - tables, chairs, cookers and lets not forget the ingredients that they require for any food that they are preparing.

As the time moved on, the weather improved and by midday we were back in the sun which stayed with us the rest of the day. Mid afternoon was really warm again and an estimated 2000 people attended visiting day at Blair.

Gates opened at one and they flooded in. Parents and friends walked round the camp site visiting the sub camps and often meeting up with old friends if they themselves were involved in Scouting. At 2 p.m. the traditional parade from the front gate up the the fair flag pole where John broke the flag to mark the opening of the fair.

The band warms up.. ..and then leads the parade.. ..to the flag pole Satellite campers making pancakes
try the Lasso technique A variant of a ducking stool Canadian Badges for exchange One of the "Blair's Got talent" teams

The Fair went on until around 5 p.m. Many of the visiting parents took their children off site and in some instances where the Home Hospitality had been arranged, took their guest with them - others wandered into Blair Atholl itself for a look around, before returning for the camp fire in the evening.


There was an excellent turnout of parents and friends at the camp fire which lasted just over the hour.

Sunday 27th July 2008

Sunday was soon on us - and what a change in the weather from seven days ago. Last Sunday (20th July) the temperature was around 3 degrees C ( degrees F) and people that were out and about at 7.a.m. were well wrapped up.

This morning it was very pleasant, you could walk around with a tee shirt quite comfortably. There had been some light rain overnight which helped freshen the place up. Cloud was still low as can be seen in the picture of the Blair Castle, but by 9 a.m. the sun had broken through.

7 a.m.- 27 July   1 p.m. - 27th July

The day gradually improved and once again became very warm. This morning was the traditional Scout's Own at Blair Castle and there was a good turnout of parents and friends as well as many visitors. The whole camp marched up to the Castle led by a Scout Pipe Band - A few songs, some readings by various nationalities and the gathering paraded back to camp.


After lunch, there was an afternoon of International games where the various counties

offered the opportunity for others to try their games. This was followed by a barbeque cooked in the sub camps by the leaders. Whilst the leaders cooked, the sub-camps ran some activities for the youngsters - my allocated sub-camp was McDonald and they ran an excellent "MacDonald's got Talent" show. And this was followed by Khaos in the Kastle, a Sunday night disco but there was lots of additional entertainment outside as well as can be seen in the Gallery.


Monday 28th July 2008

Another storming start to the day - look back to yesterday's pictures of Blair Castle and compare with noon today.

Activities re-start this morning after the week-end festivities. I spent this morning on the Atholl Experience, but stayed on the clean side of the line despite of having a number of offers of a hug from many of the participants - but I have to think of my camera and declined their kind offers. You will see why below.....


The Atholl Experience involves completing a number of challenges through mud and water. More of this can be seen in the Gallery. The experience ends up in the River Tilt, where there is the opportunity to get the worst of the mud off - the normal next stop is the camp showers :-)

After lunch my plans were to target "Ready Steady Cook" and the archery but my camera decided that it was time I took a rest - the battery went flat on - I was forced to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon - perhaps a good thing as it was really hot in the sun, but there were a few places under the trees with a nice cool breeze blowing through.

So I am afraid the selection of pictures from today is not as many as usual. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


A few pictures of the cooking and one of the archery before I had to retire defeated. We shall return tomorrow. To night, in the Kastle, Blair Idol - should be entertaining.

Tuesday 29th July 2008

6 o'clock this morning, it wa low cloud as in the past few mornings, but within 30 minutes it was raining and this continued for around 2 hours, mostly light but with the occasional heavy shower. There were some interesting techniques displayed on how to et your fire lit :-)


Then the sun was back.

We also made the BBC Web site today after a number of the Scouts and John Kennedy were interviewed.

This morning I started off by going back to "Ready Steady Cook" and that is as far as I got this morning - it was impressive - groups of 5 or 6 youngsters of different nationalities tasked with preparing a main course and a sweet in around 90 minutes. Wow! and what they produced out of some potato, rice, bacon, an aubergine, onion, spring onion, an orange and a bar of chocolate.

Well look for yourself, and look at the presentation.


More in the gallery. But who were the winners? Well, having watched the whole performance, I had my mind made up before the judges appeared and I was right.

The answer is at the bottom of the Diary. Belief me there is skill out there, some of these youngsters have a future as a chef if they so desire.

The afternoon was dry apart from one shower. Some of the activities were cancelled an alternatives put into the Kastle, whilst others simply moved in to the Kastle.

I paid a visit to the archery this afternoon and just managed, if you look, closely to capture the arrow immediately after it was released and then got some more climbers on the climbing wall.

The evening started dry, but at the moment 1940 GMT, it is chucking it down and this cabin is heavy with people, some using the internet and others simply sheltering and talk.


This evening in the Kastle - The Blair Atholl Gameshow Evening and believe people who are not there do not know what they are missing. The Staff Club, this evening, is being treated to a re-run of Blair Atholl's got talent.

Wednesday 30th July 2008

A bright morning as the last day on activities starts, but there has been some heavy rain overnight - and that is the way we prefer it.

This morning I have some pictures from the "International Night" in the Staff Club last night, donated by one of the Canadian leaders and I also hope to receive some pictures from the Hill Team on the Gorge Walking and Hill will walking as the day goes on.


Much of my day today was spent answering emails from local papers and supplying pictures to them for this week's edition and answerring emails from various people. Thee a few new pictures

In the evening, there was a Staff Burns Supper, but for a change I opted to join one of the sub camps to see how they marked the event (see last picture above).

The evening finished off with a Keilidh in the Kastle.

Thursday 31st July 2008

All to quick, te last full day of camp is on us. A bit overcast initially, but the sun is out and it is very humid.

This morning is 'Atholl Antics' loads of silly games and challenges around the camp site in front of the Camp Chief and the sub-camp leaders as the sub-camps compete for points.


A few shots here, but many more in the Picture Gallery.

Then the work starts to strike camp - all the gateways that have been built are stripped back down, and by this evening the bare essentials will be left standing on site - and the rest of the stuff will have been packed away or stored way in local storeage space for safe keeping until 2010.

Much of the pioneering timbers and the patrol tents were all packed away - the tents may have been slightly damp - but now at 2000 hrs GMT it is pouring outside. There is going to be a lot of wet tentage going home tomorrow.

Tonight, the final camp fire..... a late night.

The rain has continued off and on all evening and as a result the closing camp fire has had to be re-thought. The Kastle was rapidly converted to allow the subcamps to sit undercover around a repositioned camp fire and the show went ahead albeit not quite the way that had been hoped for.


It was still a moving experience, especially as the candles held by the camp members were slowly extinguished as you can see in the pictures.

No doubt a few tears shed as well as new made friends part company to all parts of the world in the morning.

Friday 1st August 2008

The Final Final parting

During the morning and early afternoon, the Scottish scouts will be heading for home taking with them some of the International Scouts for a few days Home Hospitality before they head across the seas again.

Some of the International Scouts will be heading straight home as they arrived before the Jamborette, others will be touring Scotland and England before heading home


One thing is for sure,every one who was here in 2008 will remember the experience of the last 10 or 11 days and the many new friends they have made - and of course the many re-unions that took place amongst the leaders, many of whom have been making the pilgrimage back to Blair Atholl for many years.

Haste ye back in 2010

There have been comments passed onto me from many parents about the way the web pages keep them in touch with what is happening at the Blair Atholl comments - and I have certainly been the target of many cameraa this year - personally I prefer the other side of the camera, but I guess people are getting their own back apart from anything else. I have been challenged to put one more picture on this web site this year, taken by the parent of one of the my Explorer Scouts - so Nigel, just to satisfy you, and to let those interested in seeing who is mad enough to sit here every night bulding these pages - here it is.


So that it it for another two years - as the details on Blair Atholl 2010 become available next year, details will appear as usual.

Bob, Webmaster - Blair Atholl Jamborette.

The answer to the Tuesday 29th "Ready Steady Cook" was

return to diary

Below are the details of which Scottish and International Scouts are in the respective sub-camps for 2008

Macdonald MacLean Morrison Murray Robertson Stewart

MacDonald Subcamp

The MacDonald Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Auntie Jackie.

They are :-
  • Ayrshire with Maryland USA
  • Borders with Sweden
  • Banff & Buchan with Illinois, USA
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Russia
  • Gordon with Zeo Florida, USA
  • Lanarkshire with Gibraltar
  • Kincardine & Deeside with Connecticut,USA
  • Angus with Austria
  • Perth & Kinross with Texas, USA
  • Forth Valley wuth Germany
  • Fife with Chemainus, Canada
  • Clackmannan with Hong Kong
Aunts and Uncles  

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MacLean Subcamp

The MacLean Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Auntie Eva.

They are :-
  • Angus with Norway
  • Banff & Buchan with Connecticut, USA
  • Dumfries with Zep Florida, USA
  • Dundee with Singapore
  • Fife and Fort Worth, USA
  • Forth Valley with Russia
  • Greater Glashow with Austria
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Connecticut, USA
  • Inverness with Gibraltar
  • Northern Island with Utah, USA
  • Perth & Kinross with Quebec, Canada
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Maryland, USA
Aunts and Uncles  

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Morrison Subcamp


The Morrison Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Steven.

They are :-
  • Aberdeen with New Jersey, USA
  • Angus with Norway
  • East Lothian with Pennsylvania, USA
  • Fife with Japan
  • Forth Valley with Jacksonville, USA
  • Greater Glasgow with South Africa
  • Gordon with Utah, USA
  • Dumfries with Gibraltar
  • Kincardine & Deeside with Forth Worth, USA
  • Lanarkshire with Russia
  • Moray with Vabcouver Island, Canada
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Connecticut, USA
Aunts and Uncles  

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Murray subcamp

The Murray Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Robert

They are :-
  • Caithness with Sweden
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Pennsylvania, USA
  • Inverness with Maryland, USA
  • Aberdeen with Russia
  • Banff & Buchan with Norway
  • Dundee with California, USA
  • Forth Valley with Connecticut, USA
  • West Lothian with Connecticut, USA
  • Ayrshire with Germany
  • Kincardine & Deeside with Jacksonville, USA
  • Angus with Courtney, USA
  • Fife with Japan
Aunts and Uncles  

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Robertson Subcamp

The Robertson Sub-Camp comprises of 13 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Fraser.

They are :-
  • Dumfries with Courtney, Canada
  • Banff & Buchan with Denmark
  • Fife with Hong Kong
  • Lanarkshire with Netherlands
  • Forth Valley with Russia
  • Greater Glasgow with Singapore
  • West Lothian with Baden Powell, New Yourk, USA
  • Clackmannan with California, USA
  • Perth & Kinross withConnecticut, USA
  • Gordon with Jacksonville, USA
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Georgia, USA
  • Ross & Sutherland with Hiawatha, USA
Aunts and Uncles  

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Stewart Subcamp

The Stewart Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Sharkey.

They are :-
  • Greater Glasgow with Courtney, Canada
  • Fife with Gibraltar
  • Western Isles with Hong Kong
  • Edinburgh with Netherlands
  • Argyle with Singapore
  • Banff & Buchan with Sweden
  • Renfrew & Inverclyde with Arizona, USA
  • Galloway with Baden Powell, USA
  • Kincardine & Deeside with California, USA
  • Forth Valley with Connecticut, USA
  • Midlothian with Central Florida, USA
  • Moray with Hiawatha, USA
Aunts and Uncles    

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Here we take a look a daily look at the various aspects of the Site - the sub Camps, Site Services Team, The Activities Team etc.

The Camp Chief

John Kennedy first became involved with the Blair Atholl Jamborette in 1976 and has attended all 17 camps since.

This is John's 6th Jamborette as Camp Chief, a role he thoroughly enjoys.

This year there are 774 Scouts from 17 countries and a support staff of 415.

John said "I have a great support staff which makes this camp run smoothly from start to finish."

So what does the Camp Chief do?
John's response was "I co-ordinate all the teams through the planning stages and throughout the camp itself. We start some 12 months before the event and of course have a wind up meeting afterwards to review everything and identify any improvements. I have a great team supporting the camp including all the International Leaders who bring their Scouts from all parts of the World. They come together and work together every two years as if they did this on a daily basis."

And what does John do with his time when not planning the next Blair Atholl Jamborette? HProfessionally, Johnis a Chartered Accountant and his scouting role is the Regional Chairman for the new South East Scotland Region Scout Council.


A small team of leaders are located in the main reception area and this manned 24 hours on every day of the Jamborette to welcome visitors where they are signed in and out for security reasons. Anyone leaving the site also reports in and out at reception for the same reason. They also handle all the incoming calls to the camp site and it is main base for the Camp radio which enables the core team to communicate with each other.

It is also the Lost and Found office for the camp, so it is in regural use by many.

On display in the reception marquee are various leaflets on Scotland and details of Scouting, as well as details about the camp and the location of the subcamps

Site Services

This is a team of folk that work away behind the scenes, but without whom the camp would not operate. Well before Scouts arrive on site, the water supply is plumbed in, Electricity supplies layed in where necessary. During the camp, ever thought of who built the shower blocks and toilets? Who cleans them during the camp? Who cleans the blocked drains? Who collects the rubbish every day? That is just a sample of the work they do.

They built the main Camp Gateway, and were involved with the pitching of the marques around the site.

Hard people to find, they work hard and long hours during the whole camp. Often on the go before 8 a.m. and still slogging away at 10 p.m.

Well done Site Services - we all appreciate the work you do behind the scenes.

The Quartermasters Store

Have you every thought what goes into provisioning for over 1200 people? Not only that, but in a grass field.

Every morning the milk man appears around 6 a.m. and unloads 420 litres of milk. Over the camp some 2000 yogurts are consumed. 140 dozen rolls daily and on occasions 100 dozen sticky buns are delivered from the bakery. And then there are the consumables, toilet rolls, cleaning materials, flour, cooking oils, butter, jam, tea, coffee, sugar and of course the soft drinks and sweets for the Kastle shop.



A support team in the Quartermasters store manage all the goods inward and the issue of provisions to the sub camps and the staff catering team. The pictures below show part of the store and the Troop catering packs reading for collection.

The Administration Team

Well, what can we say about this team. They handle all the paperwork regarding all the Scouts, Scottish and International, allocating them to the sub-camps, preparing all the security passes and issue out all the relevant information whenpeople check in on arrival.

Then comes the hard part, in my view anyway. Ensuring that all our international visitors have home hospitality, and their leaders, and also planning, purchasing all the necessary rail tickets etc to ensure that they arrive back at their departure point at the correct time.

And then there are the letters that go out to all the families to arrive before Friday morning with all the travel and contact arrangements for their guests.


The Camp Hospital

  As with every camp, it is essential that there is a sound support in the way of First Aid for the Scouts. Blair Atholl is no exception and in fact has two resident doctors on site and available 24 hours a day. They are supported by a number of nurses and Paramedics and a host of qualified First Aiders.

The hospital comprises of a marquee, with a wooden floor and comproses of a reception area, treatment room and a rest room, should it be needed.

The doctors hold a surgery twice a day during the camp to attended to any ailments or injuries that may have occurred. But they are always available at the end of a radio.

The usual cuts and bruises, sore throats, headaches strains and sprains are the main causes of visits to the doctors.

The doctors do urge that everyone, but everyone should wash their hands immediately before handling food or eating.

Staff Catering

Fancy preparing over 40 meals (including options) over the duration of the camp for over 400 people?

Then perhaps you would like to offer your services for 2010?

A dedicated team work away behind the scenes in a mobile kitchen unit to prepare the meals for the staff. They do have a couple of evenings off when the staff eat with the patrols and on the Sunday barbeque, but that is it.

The dining area has a chill unit from which the staff can help themselves for cold starters and sweets. There are units within the dining hall to keep the food piping hot.

And no, it is not a case of here it is, there is a full breakfast available every morning and a selection for lunch and dinner in the evening.

And what about washing up after each meal - the kitchen wash up is carried out by the non-catering team staff on a rota over the duration of the camp


The Staff Club


At the front gate of the camp, the Staff Club can be found - refuge for the Leaders to drop in at most times of day for a coffee and a chat or a read at the morning paper. It also hosts a number of events for the staff during the evenings such as a quiz, and a special International evening where the Scouts entertain the staff with song and dance.

The Activity Team

By far the largest on camp, but broken down into small units such as hill team, water sports and these are the people that run the activities throughout the camp. But to make that work, there is a small team that work in the background, that people rarely see as they work into the night sometimes to ensure that the activities have the correct number of youngsters in them and that the allocations are fairly split across the sub-camps.

The Front Office of the Activities Team - there are others in the Back Office.

And many others

The above is just a flavour of those on site, but there are many others that you never hear about:

  • The Core Team - headed by John Kennedy that have been meeting for over a year to make the camp a success
  • Scottish Headquarters staff that do a lot of work behind the scenes
  • The local co-ordinators that liaise between the core team and the Areas/Districts
  • All the Camp Staff, who give up their family holidays to come to Blair Atholl and "WORK" to make the Camp such a success.