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This page includes copies of Kastle Kurrents, the Camp Diary, sub-camps with the details of patrols and countries within and the feature article on the Staff of the Camp.

Kastle Kurrents 2010

This page contains copies of the Camp's Daily Newspapers for 2010.

These files are in pdf file format - you will need Acrobat Reader to read these files. If not available on your machine it is available from Adobe, free of charge from their web site. Some of these files are large and may take some time to open 


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 Friday 23rd July  Saturday 24th July
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 Tuesday 27th July Wednesday 28th July
Thursday 29th July  

This page will be updated daily with details of the days activity on camp, comments and photographs from the over 1000 Scouts and Leaders at the Jamborette.

Click here for the 2010 Diary.

Jamborette Programme 2010

Date Time Activity / Event Date Time Activity / Event
Monday 19th July 2010 - Scottish Scouts arrive and set up camp. Tuesday 20th July 2010 - Overseas Scouts Arrive
  1900 Scottish Scouts Tour of the Site.   - Opening Ceremony
        - Opening Campfires in Subcamps

Wednesday 21st July 2010 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Thursday 22nd July 2010 - Daily Activity Programme
  1830 Camp Dinner - staff dine with Patrols   - Evening Activities Programme
  2030 Day-Go Disco   - Kastle Karnival

Friday 23rd July 2010 - Daily Activity Programme begins. Saturday 24th July 2010 1400 Country Fair
  1300 Satellite Camp Opens   1930 RC Mass
  - Evening Activities Programme   2100 International Campfire
  2000 Blair in the Park (Kastle)      

Sunday 25th July 2010 - Late "Rise and Shine" Monday 26th July 2010    
  1030 Flagbreak   - Daily Activity Programme
  1100 Scouts' Own at Blair Castle   - Evening Activities Programme
  1430 International Games in the Subcamps   - International PLs Supper
  1800 Barbeque Meal in subcamps   - International Show Case
  2000 Pirates Away      

Tuesday 27th July 2010 - Daily Activity Programme Wednesday 28th July 2010 - Last day of Daily Activity Programme
  - Evening Activities Programme   1800 Burns Supper
  - International PLs Supper   2000 Kastle Keilidh
  - Sub-Camp Showdown      

Thursday 29th July 2010 1100 Atholantics Friday 30th July 2010 - Dispersal of Scouts
  - Subcamps dismantle   - Dismantle of Camp
  2130 Closing Ceremony & Campfire      

The Blair Atholl Kastle Main Events 2010

Each night something special is happening in the Kastle. From eight till late this is where it's happening.

Wednesday 23rd is the Day-Go Disco. Lace up your dancing shoes and groove on down to the Kastle to bust a move at our glow in the dark opening party!

Thursday 24th - Kastle Karnival - See how long you can stay on the bucking bronco, challenge yourself on the inflatables or just spend the night dancing away to the samba band; it's all there at this year's Kastle Karnival.

Friday 25th - Blair in the Park- Can you play an instrument or sing a song? If so, why not be a performer & support the headlining acts at Blair Atholl's first ever music festival? An evening of top-notch musical entertainment for all.

On Sunday 27th - Pirates Ahoy- Avast me hearty, don't be a land lubber, grab yer pirate togs and get on board the good ship Kastle for a night of nautical fun. Yarr!

Monday 28th - International Showcase - Come along to enjoy a night of performances from all the overseas contingents visiting Blair this year, a unique and fun way to learn about other cultures and share your own

Tuesday 28th- Sub-Camp Showdown - The ultimate summer showdown! Come along for an evening of mad challenges & crazy games and make sure your sub-camp comes out on top!

And after ALL that it's definitely going to be a night to remember.
Wednesday 30th - Kastle Keilidh - It's the last night in the Kastle and what better way to end this year's run than by dancing the night away in a traditional Scottish stylee with one of the best ceilidh bands in the land?

Something for everyone - come and chill out in the Kastle.

Camp Diary 2010

Sunday 18th July 2010

For the past few months the core team have been meeting and planning this years event - no mean task. Over the last few days, Staff have been arriving on site to start the massive task of erecting marques, building all the facilities into the Kastle, preparing the sub-camps and installing all the services that make the camp work. This will continue through today and on into Monday. The results will be obvious in the pictures displayed over the coming days.

The Camp site earlier in the year
The camp site earlier in the year
and at 9 a.m. this morning
and at 9 a.m. this morning

There was some heavy rain overnight, but as the day progressed things improved, although the forecast is for more rain. As the day progressed, the site took shape in preparation for the arrival of the Scottish Scouts in the morning.

   Blair Castle  The beginnings of our Kastle
Blair Castle looks great against a rather dark skyline, but our Kastle is still in it's early days.

Throughout the day, Staff worked away - admin preparing for the influx of Scottish Scouts in the morning, preparing their packs of neckies, badges and security card. In the open field, staff prepared the sub camps, moving the pioneering timber into place for their camp table, mark off the camping areas for each patrol.

The site takes shape

Else where the work continued in the Kastle and in the various other activity centres around the site. Later in the afternoon a briefing for the Activity Team Leaders followed by a briefing for all Activity Base Staff.
 ï»¿Activity Team Meeting  Activity Team Meeting
The Activity Team Leaders and the team members at their briefings.
These will be supplemented with Leaders from abroad, when they arrive on Tuesday.

Monday 19th July 2010

Quite a nice morning, if you were up and about early enough, but it was not to last.

Work continued around the site preparing for the arrival of Scotland, and many staff were drafted in to help receive the Scottish Scouts as they arrived, to check their details, and to take them to their respective sub-camps. Unfortunately in the middle of that process the heavens opened and camp services had to rapidly erect some marquees to give some protection to the arrivals.

  Arriving   and checking in

The rain eventually eased off, with occasional light showers. The patrol tents, camp tables and gateways are now appearing and the site takes shape.

A view of the camp site from the Reception Area 

After evening meal, the Scottish Scouts had a tour the site in their sub-camps. This was designed to show them where things were and to introduce them to the various departments within the Jamborette site such as activities, administration, health and safety, handling of food, Site Services etc, where they were introduced to the leader responsible for these areas and they were given the "Do and Don't's" around the site - all aimed at making sure that the will have a safe and enjoyable camp.

The Maclean sub-camp with Marion, the Doctor MacDonald Sub Camp and David Woodrow at QM Murray Sub Camp at Reception

McLean Sub Camp with Marion, the Camp Doctor

MacDonald Sub Camp and David Woodrow at QM

Murray Sub Camp at Reception

Robertson Sub Camp with Site Services Stewart Sub Camp at the Kastle and activities Morrison Sub Camp leaving the

Robertson Sub Camp with Site Services

Stewart Sub Camp at the Kastle and activities

Morrison Sub Camp leaving the 'Time-Out' tent




Tuesday 20th July 2010


The Camp site 9 a.m. Sunday morning

9 a.m. Sunday morning

and at 9 a.m. this morning
and at 9 a.m. this morning

Quite a change over two days, and it has changed quite a bit since as the patrols build their sites and erect gateways, as you will see in the coming days.

The morning started off with a very low cloud over the whole site, but as the day moved on, it cleared nicely and was quite warm at times.

The visiting patrols started arriving around 10 a.m. and were piped onto the site a lone piper and the flow continued until 3 p.m..

   The first overseas contingent arrives  Waiting to check in

The evening saw the official opening of the Jamborette by John Kennedy, the Camp Chief. The six clans gathered together and the flags of all the countries presented were paraded in, accompanied by a local pipe band.

  The Opening Ceremony  The Opening Ceremony

John welcomed the gathering and then produced the torch from the 2008 Jamborette and invited the six sub-camp chiefs to light their torches and to take the clans back to the sub-camp and light their own opening camp fire.

   John Kennedy opens the Camp  John Kennedy and the six sub-camp chiefs

As you will see from some of the pictures, unfortunately the rain started again, and whilst most persisted outside, some went for cover - well it was quite heavy.

   Murray Sub-Camp opening Campfire  McLean Sub-Camp Opening Camp Fire

  McDonald Sub-Camp Opening Camp Fire  Morrison Sub-Camp Opening Camp Fire

  Stewart Sub-Camp Opening Camp Fire  Robertson Sub-Camp Opening Camp Fire



Wednesday 21st July 2010

5 a.m. - yes I know it is an unearthly hour, but the continual pitter patter of rain on the canvas awoke me at that time - well perhaps pitter patter was an understatement (or so it sounded). The rain had returned. Had this something to do with the 2008 Candle that was used to light this years camp fires - this is how 2008 finished.

The bright side of it is, the long range forecast looks like the rest of the camp may be better

The rain has not disheartened anyone - yes we had to change plans and some of the outdoor activities were abandoned, but the Kastle came in to it's own as an activity area, over and above the planned activities in the area.

   Queueing for brekast rations  One of the pools that appeared across the site by lunch time
The queue for breakfast supplies and one of the pools that appeared across the site by lunch time

The afternoon saw a turn for the better in the weather and more of the outside activities were able to be run.

  The girls try some circus skills     The lounge in the Kastle
The girls try some circus skills whilst some others try the lounge in the castle



The Namibian Contingent with John KennedyThe last International Patrol to join the camp arrived from Namibia and are now with the patrol in Robertson. John kennedy is pictured here with the contingent in the Staff Club as the rested briefly after their long journey.

The matches of International Scouts to Scottish Patrols can now be found on a link to the sub-camps on the Gallery page. This page will be updated when ever possible with pictures of the leader team in each sub-camp.

Tonight the Staff should have been guests of the Patrols, but due to the weather this was postponed until another night. Tonight, the opening Disco is held in the Kastle and the Internet Cafe opens for the first time and as I write this the Disco is winning hands down.

And on the real bright side of things, the weather for tomorrow looks good, and even better on Friday, lets hope they have it right. We need a break.    

A scene from the Disco   A scene from the disco

A couple of pictures from the Disco



Thursday 22nd July 2010

Blair Castle at 7 a.m. this morning

7 a.m. - Summer has arrived! - We hope

After yesterday's torrential rain, the ground is already starting to dry out, as you can see there are blue skies with the odd cloud.

Activities continued today - a number of pictures in today's gallery show how activities were planned to happen yesterday, but due to the weather, they had to be moved in doors.

A view of the QM Stores, feeding 1250 people is no mean feat, with a continue flow of fresh vegetables, bread, milk etc. And a few new activities are shown, some interesting ideas on cooking fish, some excitement on climbing crates.

  Quartermaster Stores Crate Climbing Backwoods Cooking

This evening the Staff were guests of the Patrols in their respective sub-camps and were treated to a meal of Melon, a cold meat salad, with boiled potatoes and strawberry's and cream.

This evening the camp is being entertained by a band in the Kastle.  


Friday 23rd July 2010

Looks like it will be another reasonably good day. It's cold, even for our summers and an overcast sky, but the forecast is for it to remain dry in the main.

The activities have continued today and the youngsters, and the leaders are having a great time - in Scottish terms it has been quiet warm this afternoon, but is cooling down this evening.

There have been a few technical hitches to do with the pages, and once again today's edition of the Kamp paper has not been loaded, although it is available in the sub-camps - we will load it tomorrow.

  All Terrain Boarding  International Dancing 

Just a couple of pictures captured today, there are more in the Gallery and also a panoramic view of each of the sub-camp sites in the sub-camp section of the Gallery.

Tomorrow is visitors day and there s a lot of setting up required for the afternoon, so activities are suspended until Monday.

Due to an IT problem tonight I am unable to load the diary, but it will be loaded up first thing in the morning once we have resolved the problem. Meantime a final picture taken from the IT cabin as I was heading for bed.

  Robertson sub-camp
Looking towards the Robertson sub-camp just before 11 p.m. a bit fuzzy, but it was a hand held camera.



Saturday 24th July 2010

The sub=camps had their normal routine of breakfast and inspection, and to some degree free time. However they also had to prepare for the Country Fair in the afternoon and many of the staff were drafted in to gather the requirements together - chairs, tables, cookers, gas and even more important the ingredients for those that were going to cooking for the visitors. There was a stage to be built and the PA system set up, as well as devising a programme of acts.

Gates opened at 1 p.m. and hundreds of parents and other relatives, friends, scouts and leaders that came for the day - poured onto the site.

The parade from the reception area to the Fair Gateway started at 2 p,m, lead by a Brass Band, with John Kennedy, Camp Chief, accompanied by his family , Eleanor Lyall, Chief Commissioner for Scotland, the Deputy Camp Chief and his family and various guests, made their way to the Fair Gateway to open the event.

   The Brass Band accompanying the Camp Chief and his party                       John and his Party heading for the Country Fair

  Inside the Country Fair

 ï»¿John on top of the Gateway                                                                                John addresses the gathering

For the next two hours campers and visitors alike enjoyed the fun of the fair.

 ï»¿A Cowboy in the making?   People join in the action on stage

Later in the evening their was a Camp Fire attended by all the sub-camps including the Satellite Camp and many parents and friends,

  Saturday Night's Camp Fire

Sunday 25th July 2010

A late rise this morning after last night's camp fire. But never the less, there was still inspection and a slightly later flag break followed by the traditional Scouts Own up at Blair Castle.

Accompanied by a Scout Pipe Band, the complete camp, accompanied by the Satellite Camp, paraded up the drive of the Castle to the Castle Lawn.

   The Pipe band arrives at the Castle   Looking down on the gathering from the Castle  

Here each sub-camp presented an item on a theme of "One world - One Promise" and it really was excellently presented.

There was a surprise awaiting here as well when Eleanor Lyall, the Chief Commissioner for Scotland, invited John Kennedy and his wife to join her in front of the gathering.

She then announced that the Chief Scout, Bear Gryllis, and award John the "Silver Wolf" service of the most exceptional nature. This Award is the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout.

   John Kennedy and his wife with Eleanor Lyle

Have a look at the 'Special Feature' page for more on John.

The afternoon was a session of International games, where the youngsters played each other at a variety of games or simply chilled out.

    ï»¿Leaders cooking for the sub-camps   Leaders cooking for the patrols

The also had an evening off cooking, as the Camp Staff prepared and served a barbeque on each sub-camp and this was followed 'Pirates Ahoy', a fun night in the Kastle.

Of course throughout the youngsters were either relaxing or preparing the "Pirates Ahoy".

   Relaxation         Preparing for the evening in the Kastle

Monday 26th July 2010

Back to activities today. A reasonable day, with the odd light shower, and one relatively heavy shower just before 7 p.m.. But that was supplemented but some quite warm sunny spells as well.

I spent the day looking at some of the services that are around the site, that make it all work - reception, the staff club where the staff can enjoy a read at the papers, enjoy a cup of coffee and generally chill out.

   Reception   Reception

The Reception Area manned 24 hours a day   

   The Staff Club   The Staff Club

The Staff Club with some of the crew that support the Staff, and some of the staff enjoy a mid morning break.  

The afternoon - the Atholl Experience the following pictures speak for themselves - have a look at the Gallery for the day - I followed the team shown below right round the course - and did not escape the mud :-)

  Clean at the start of the Atholl Experience   and after the Experience

They started off clean enough - but oh dear - however a dip in the river soon removed it all.

The evening saw the young people perform in the International Showcase - where they have the opportunity to perform an act whether it be a song, playing a musical instrument, either a as solo, duet or a group - it's a great night - there is some great talent out there. There will be some pictures in Kastle Kurrents I am sure.

Tuesday 27th July 2010

A day of mixed weather, a few showers but a bit warmer that it has been with the occasional really pleasant temperature.

The activities have continued today and tonight is the Sub-Camp Show-down - a session of mad challenges and crazy games, with points been won for your sub-camp.

   Karting - Blair Style   Fun Games  
A project to build a kart and run it down the hill and fun games- this guy had no chance against his opponent
  Meal time   whilst others are still cooking  
Meal time for two patrols while the other is still cooking.

I managed to get to see the final of the inter sub-camp Showdown event and see the loser (Robertson) get gunged and Stewart jubilantly winning.

   Robertsons lost - sorry Colin   Whilst the Stewarts celebrate  

Meantime their was a PL's Supper being held at the Staff Club and two non-PL's held their own supper outside.

  The PL's Supper   whilst two non-PL's have their supper outside  

Wednesday 28th July 2010

Gee, how time has flown. Today is the last day of the activities programme. Overnight there has been some heavy rain.

Not any activity pictures today, but I have collected all but one of the sub-camp teams, and I have been promised the last one...



MacDonald Sub Camp Staff Robertson sub-camp staff Stewart sub-camp staff
MacDonald Sub-Camp Staff Robertson sub-camp Staff Stewart Sub-Camp Staff
MacLean sub camp staff Murray sub-camp staff To Follow 
Maclean sub-camp Staff Murray Sub-camp Staff Morrison Sub-camp Staff




Also added today are the Reception and Administration team and there will be more on these people, and others in the Features section shortly.

   The Reception Team   The Administration Team  

This evening the sub-camps, and Staff Mess, held a Burns Supper and I took a walk around some of them and got fed at the same time - thanks guys.

   Burns Supper in the sub-camps   Burns Supper in the sub-camps  

We also received an email from one of the parents and he included an aerial photograph of the Camp Site that he had taken on the Thursday evening. We have long wanted a new aerial shot, and thanks to Steve, here it is.

  Blair Atholl from the air

Thursday 29th July 2010

The last full day of camp.

It started quiet nice, warm and bright, but for a short time the rain returned quite heavy for a while and then sun returned and it has the promise of being a good afternoon, and hopefully stay fine for the final campfire.

Inspection was held this morning but in a dress down mode as you will see below.




Morning Parade Morning Parade  Morning Parade




Whilst Inspection and Flag break were taken place the majority of the Staff were working hard at preparing for the Atholantics, a fun packed two to two and a half of hours comprising of over 30 bases for the Scouts to compete in, points being awarded to the sub-camp for the winners of each base. A few pictures below. The Camp Chief, along with the sub-camp chiefs all attend and witness the event from the bridge of their pirate ship, which was the gateway to the Country Fair.




The sub-camp Chiefs Atholl Antics Atholl Antics




The lunch and then the work starts dismantling the camp - a fair task to do in an afternoon.




Storing the timber Storing the timber

The pioneering timber is returned to the store

The queue to store it.




This evening there will be a closing camp fire. This is always a spectacular and moving event, the last time the camp is together as a body, and this years was no different, aided by spectacular moonlight, perhaps not noticed by many.




The Final Camp Fire The Final Camp Fire The Final Camp Fire




Friday 30th July 2010

And so we reach the end of this years Blair Atholl Jamborette

   The Camp site at 9 a.m. on the Friday morning

This was the scene at 9 a.m. Some of the Scouts had already departed for either home or Home Hospitality. For example the 10 French Scouts and their two leaders had been in Scotland since the 9th of July in Ayrshire and they were heading straight back to Strasbourg on a flight at 11 a.m.




Ready for the off Heading for their transport home




Gradually as the morning passed, more and more patrols left site.




10:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m.
The site at 1030 a.m. and at 1.30 p.m.




Over the last 12 days, many new friendships have been struck up and of course many re-unions made between staff at the camp. They all leave with memories of 2010 and looking forward to coming together again in two years hence.

  Haste Ye back

So that it it for another two years - as the details on Blair Atholl 2012 become available next year, details will appear as usual. My picture count for the duration of the camp is just short of 2000, and there were many many others taken, some of which I will add to the galleries in the coming days.

My apologises for the late addition of the last day's pictures, but I have had some problems with my computer since returning home - hopefully now resolved.

Bob, Webmaster - Blair Atholl Jamborette.




Below are the details of which Scottish and International Scouts are in the respective sub-camps for 2010

Macdonald MacLean Morrison Murray Robertson Stewart

MacDonald Subcamp

  MacDonald Sub Camp

The MacDonald Team

The MacDonald Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Auntie Jackie.

They are :-
  • Blackford with Sweden Stockholm
  • Cathiness with Norway Kvernaland
  • Clyde 1 with Iceland 4
  • Clyde 7 with Gibraltar 2
  • Deeside with Switzerland 1
  • Falkirk 1 with Denmark 3
  • Galloway with Austria Kematin 1
  • Greenock 1 with Austria Vienna 2
  • North East Fife 1 with Canada Cobble Hill 2
  • South Angus with Canada Cobble Hill 1
  • Stirling & Trossachs 2 with USA Baden Powell 1
  • West Lothian 1 with USA Georgia
Aunts and Uncles  

  MacDonald Sub Camp

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MacLean Subcamp

MacLean Sub Camp

The MacLean Team

The MacLean Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Auntie Eva.

They are :-
  • Ayrshire East with France 1
  • Borders 1 with USA Baden Powell 2
  • Clackmannanshire 1 with Austria Vienna 3
  • Clyde 2 with Japan
  • Deveron 1 and Switzerland 3
  • Fife 1 with Sweden Malung 1
  • Gordon 1 with USA Georgia
  • Kincardineshire 2 with Austria Kematin 2
  • Midlothian with Norway Kvernaland
  • Renfrewshire 1 with USA Central Florida 1
  • Ross & Sutherland with Denmark 2
  • West Lothian 2 with Canada Gibson
Aunts and Uncles  

  The MacLean Sub Camp

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Morrison Subcamp

 Morrison Sub Camp


The Morrison Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Steven.

They are :-
  • Borders 2 with Norway Moss 2
  • Buchan 1 with USA North Florida
  • Clackmannanshire 2 with Canada Victoria 1
  • Clyde 3 with Canada Alberta
  • Dundee 1 with Denmark 1
  • Fife 5 with Sweden Malung 4
  • Gordon 2 with Austria Kematin 3
  • Haymarket with USA M.Bay/Utah
  • Paisley & District 2 with Canada Victoria 2
  • Perth & Kinross 1 with Hong Kong
  • Renfrewshire 2 with Ireland
  • Inverness 1 with England 1
Aunts and Uncles  

  The Morrison Sub Camp

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Murray Subcamp

  Murrat Sub Camp

The Murray Team

The Murray Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Robert.

They are :-
  • Buchan 2 with Russia 3
  • Clyde 4 with Hong Kong 2
  • Dumfriesshire 1 with Gibraltar 1
  • Fife 3 with Sweden Malung 2
  • East Lothian with USA Fort Worth
  • Falkirk 2 with Iceland 1
  • Greenock 2 with Canada Quebec
  • Kyle and Carrick with France 2
  • Moray 1 with USA Longhouse
  • Orkney/Lochaber with Japan
  • Stirling & Trossachs 1 with Austrai Vienna 2
  • Western Isles with Canada Victoria/Chemainus
Aunts and Uncles  

   The Murray Sub Camp

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Robertson Subcamp

  Robertson Sub Camp

The Robertson sub Camp team

The Robertson Sub-Camp comprises of 13 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Colin.

They are :-
  • Aberdeen 1 with Germany 1
  • Arbroath and Montrose 1 with Iceland 2
  • Clyde 5 with Norway Moss 2
  • Deveron 2 with Switzerland 2
  • Dundee 2 with Russia 2
  • Fife 2 with Sweden Lalung 3
  • Greenock 3 with USA Fort Worth
  • Inverleith with USA Maryland
  • Kincardinshire 1 with Canada Chinook
  • Moray 2 with Canada Oyama
  • North East Fife 2 with Austria Vienna 2
  • Stirling & Trossachs 3 with Namibia
Aunts and Uncles  

  The Robertson Sub Camp

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Stewart Subcamp

  Stewart Sub Camp

The Stewart Sub Camp Team

The Stewart Sub-Camp comprises of 12 camp areas each with a Scottish and an International patrol. The subcamp is led by Uncle Robbie.

They are :-
  • Aberdeen 2 with Germany 2
  • Arbroath and Montrose 2 with Iceland 3
  • Clyde 6 with Canada Victoria 2
  • Deveron 3 with England 2
  • Dumfriesshire 2 with Russia 1
  • Falkirk 3 with USA Maryland
  • Fife 4 with Swedn Malung 5
  • Inverness 2 with USA Arizona 2
  • North Ayrshire and Arran with Switzerland 4
  • Northern Ireland with USA Arizona 1
  • Paisley and District 1 with Austria Vienna 1
  • Perth and Kinross 2 with Norway Moss 1
Aunts and Uncles    

   The Stewart Sub Camp

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Camp Chief

The Camp Chief

John Kennedy first became involved with the Blair Atholl Jamborette in 1976 and has attended all 18 camps since. This is John's 7th Jamborette as Camp Chief, a role he thoroughly enjoys. This year there are Scouts from 18 countries and a support staff of 415. John said "I have a great support staff which makes this camp run smoothly from start to finish."

So what does the Camp Chief do?
John's response was "I co-ordinate all the teams through the planning stages and throughout the camp itself. We start some 12 months before the event and of course have a wind up meeting afterwards to review everything and identify any improvements. I have a great team supporting the camp including all the International Leaders who bring their Scouts from all parts of the World. They come together and work together every two years as if they did this on a daily basis."

And what does John do with his time when not planning the next Blair Atholl Jamborette?
Professionally, John is a Chartered Accountant and his scouting role is the Regional Chairman for South East Scotland Region Scout Council.

core team

The Core Team

Whilst John chairs the core team, we should not forget this small group of people, because without them, the Jamborette would not happen. For months they hold regular meetings planning the next Blair Atholl, estimating the costs of food and materials often a year in advance, no easy task in these times.

The amount of administration involved in running such an event is enormous, keeping track of every one that has applied, devising activities, programming the activities, coordinating transport, the main site tentage, catering etc. They all have their own skills and use them jointly to pull the camp together.

And of course they do not do all the work themselves - they have teams of people working with them, we should not forget these people as well, and the staff at our Scottish Headquarters that also put a lot of effort into the event.

site services

Site Services

Many of them were here from the Wednesday or Thursday before Blair Atholl, preparing the site, erecting tents, laying water pipes, arranging the portaloos etc - all essential work. And they will be here for a day or two after the Scouts leave, along with other members of the Staff.

And during the time of the camp, they work away tirelessly, collect rubbish, tidying, and cleaning the portaloos, unblocking them etc - not a pleasant job-but it has to be done, building camp fires and many many other tasks.

Who built your showers, built the gateway and many many other jobs around the site - now you know - I hope you thanked them for their efforts.

Staff Catering

Staff Catering

To feed over 400 people a day with 3 meals a day and with a choice at each meal is no mean feat, especially in a grass field.

To achieve this a mobile kitchen is brought in and there are team of men and women, working in shifts, to cook and serve the meals to the staff members. They do get some free time, but then again do they - who cooked and served the BBQ on Sunday night?

the reception

The Reception

Another small team of leaders, again working in shifts, always dressed in full uniform whilst on duty, as they are the focal point for all visitors to the camp site. The man the phones, act as a communication control center for the core team on the radio system, book people off site when the leave, and back in again on their return, so that the camp staff know where everyone is, Lost and Found, all controlled from this area. And the lost and Found roll goes on after the camp as people discover they have lost things and send in enquires as to whether it has been found.

admin team

The Admin Team

A small team of individuals that work into the wee small hours on many occasions during the camp.

Everyone on site has met at least one of the team during the duration of the camp.

They are involved from the moment the first person applies to attend Blair Atholl until after everyone is home again. Building a database of all the campers, preparing the security badges, who is in which sub-camp and then the absolute nightmare task of arranging home hospitality for all the International Scouts AND the travel arrangements to bring the contingents together again after the Home Hospitality to make sure they make their flights etc

And the rest, who must not be forgotten

There is the Medical Team, who are always kept busy with minor injuries, the Quartermaster looking after all the provisions, the Activities Team, by far the largest on camp who provided and manned all the bases, the staff in the Bank, Post Office, Cafe, the Staff Club who keep the rest of the staff going on coffee, and if I have forgotten anyone, and I am bound to have, my apologises.