Blair Atholl 2020

The 37th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette will be held at Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland in July 2020.


  • Scottish Staff arrive on Saturday 18th July,
  • Scottish Scouts arrive on Monday 20th July
  • Overseas Contingents arrive at camp on Tuesday 21st July.
  • All Scouts depart on Friday 31st July
  • All Staff leave on Saturday 1st August.
  • After the camp, Scottish Scouts and staff aim to offer home hospitality to the overseas contingents up to Wednesday 1st August if recent changes to The Scout Association rules permits.

Age Ranges

Scouts/Explorer Scouts who wish to participate in the camp must have reached age 14 but not have turned 18 on the 20th July 2020. No Scouts/Explorer Scouts out with this range will be accepted for this camp.


A Patrol consists of not more than 6 Scouts, including the Patrol Leader. The Patrol can be composed of Scouts from a single Troop, or from several troops. Patrols which include female Scouts are welcome and will be fully integrated into the Camp. An Association may send more than one Patrol. In this case Patrols may form a national contingent or they may travel independently.

Each International Patrol will camp with a Scottish Patrol. A Scottish and an overseas patrol operated as one unit. The Scottish Patrol will provide tents and cooking equipment for both patrols. Cooking is done by the combined patrol over wood fires. Dining shelters will be constructed in each patrol site with pioneering timber.


There will be a full and exciting programme of Scouting and adventurous Activities. For more details on activities see Range of Activities. And of course a real opportunity to make new friends.


For Scouts from outwith Scotland, only personal camp equipment is required. All other camping equipment will be provided by the Scottish Patrol who receive a detailed kit list prior to the camp from their local Blair Atholl coordinator.

Camp Fee 2020

The Camp Fee is set at £1560 per patrol of 6 Scottish Participants and £260 for Scottish staff in 2020.

The Camp Fee is GBP 1920 per patrol of 6 Scouts and GBP 320 for overseas staff (plus the cost of any bank charges)

The Fee includes all food, activities, camp badge and neckerchief. For Scouts from outwith Scotland it also covers additional travel costs within Scotland to and from a central meeting point, an overnight stay at Scout halls on arrival and before final departure ( if required to meet your contingents individual needs).

Any additional costs for participation in Home Hospitality will be covered by the overseas camp fees.

See the Administration Page for registration and payment details.

Travel Costs for Overseas Scouts

Transport is provided to the Jamborette from Edinburgh or Glasgow (or Aberdeen for Norwegian or Swedish Scouts only) on Tuesday 21st July after an optional overnight stay in a scout hall.

Home Hospitality

After the Jamborette, we aim to offer Overseas Scouts hospitality for up to 5 days in the homes of Scottish Scouts. This will be subject to the revised rules of The Scout Association in the UK. Exact dates are arranged to suit travel arrangements. Further days can be arranged in Scout halls etc. at visiting contingents own expense.


  • There are a large number of Scottish Staff supporting this event.
  • The number of overseas adult leaders with each patrol should be limited to the minimum number necessary to supervise travel.
  • Overseas Leaders will not camp with their Patrols, but will be fully integrated into the camp staff and are expected to work as part of the overall staff team.
  • There is a free staff "cafe" and activities are arranged for leaders during time off . 


Check out the range of activities on this website. It shows all the activities that were on offer at the 2018 camp. 

As of September 2019 there is a waiting list for overseas contingents.  If you  wishing to register an Expression of Interest for the 2020 or 2022 waiting list please email BlairAtholl2020(at)