The Main Camp

blair_atholl_maiThe Main Camp site at Blair Atholl provides support for the six sub camps. Each sub-camp will have 14 patrols. There is also a Staff sub-camp which includes all of the overseas Leaders.

A view of the camp site with Blair Castle bottom left corner and the Kastle in the top center. The six sub-camps are visible in the centre of the photograph.

The central gathering point is "The Kastle" which as a series of Marquees which house the Trading Centre of the camp. providing a Tuck Shop, Bank, Post Office, a Scout Shop and a Newspaper office. The camp produces it's own daily newspaper called 'Kastle Kurrents" with pictures from around the site and activities and snippets from the sub-camps. There is also a cafe in the Kastle and provision to gather under canvas should it be raining.

There are also facilities for making telephone calls and an extensive medical support team available at all times should the need arise.