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Information for the Overseas Patrols and their Leaders.

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15th June 2018

2) Blair Atholl Jamborette News 2018 Issue 2


Also some additional advice from the Medical Team.........


*Things to pack

Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, long sleeves

Medication - enough to last the entire camp: hayfever tablets, asthma treatment (including steroids if you keep them at home for exacerbations. Please don't decrease your meds before camp), throat lozenges (loads of coughs and colds happen when gathering in large groups), oral contraceptive pill, simple painkillers. 

Personal first aid: A few plasters for minor cuts won't go amiss.

(If you own bike gloves and hope to go cycling then why not pack them)


*Things to do before camp

Break in those new boots... don't end up with sore feet at camp.

Fix that ingrown toenail... one of the commonest reasons for coming to the medical tent. Cut your toenails square and not too short.

See your GP for that niggling problem that's at the back of your mind. There are 3 doctors on site but we're concentrating on emergencies and probably can't fix long term things.

Tell us about things that might affect you at camp.  We have a duty to keep your information confidential.


*Things to do at camp

Have fun

Pay us a visit just to say hi....  If you're visiting with a problem try to stick to clinic times. 

Wash your hands.

Be safe with knives, saws and axes.

Don't overdo it... you've got a whole camp to last.

Eat healthy.... everything in moderation... especially sweets 

Make friends.

Wear sunscreen.

Be happy.... and if you're not, then speak to someone about it.

Wash your hands (because it's important enough to say it twice)


The BA Medical Team


15th February 2018


1) Blair Atholl Jamborette News 2018 Issue 1