The Range of Activities

The activities which will be available at the 2016 Blair Atholl Jamborette are listed below.

Details of Adventure Activities

24-hour hike

bothy_hike18 older Scouts taking part in a 16 mile hike in to the hills to the north of the camp, camping out in one of the Glens. Hikers require boots or strong shoes and sleeping bags. Other equipment will be provided. Hikes start on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Blair Atholl Rescue Team (BART)

blair_atholl_resWant to learn or test your navigation, hillwalking and mountain rescue skills? Whether you're a novice or have some experience in the hills then this is the activity for you. A day activity combining hiking, navigation skills (map, compass, gps) and mountain rescue techniques as part of BART (the Blair Atholl Rescue Team). You will require appropriate hiking boots, clothing, waterproofs, along with a water bottle and a small rucsac.


CanyoningIf you like adventure you will love canyoning, you will make your way down some of the rivers in the Blair Atholl area by jumping and sliding into the water. You will get wet, but it's massive fun. Come dressed as you would for going swimming, shoes / boots with ankle protection must be worn. If you wear glasses then it is advisable to tie them on!!


climbingEven climbing with the comparative ease and security of the climbing tower will give you an activity to remember. No previous experience is necessary as the activity staff will teach you all you need to know.

Cycle Skills

cycle_skillsAre you the next Danny Macaskill? or do you just fancy trying your hand at some bike control? Then Cycle skills is the activity for you! Come along and have a go on our see-saws, balance beams, jumps and lots more!!! As well as this you will also gain an understanding of bike maintainence and repair!

This base completed along with the Mountain biking and the Cycle Bothy, will earn you the Explorer Mountain Bike Award!

Gorge Walking

gorge_walkingFed up of being told by your parents "stay away from the river, you'll fall in". This one's for you. Buoyancy aid on, helmet on, now get IN the water! Scramble up the gorge on the Banvie Burn. You will get wet, but it's massive fun. Come dressed as you would for going swimming shoes / boots with ankle protection must be worn. If you wear glasses then it is advisable to tie them on!!

Half Day Hike

half day_hikeA lower level, half day hike around the local area taking in some of the great hills and scenery, and finishing at some of the area's iconic natural attractions such as the Falls of Bruar and/or Killiecrankie, plus the opportunity to finish with an ice-cream! You will require hiking boots/walking shoes, suitable clothing, waterproofs, a water bottle and a small rucsac (plus money for an ice-cream!).

Mountain Biking

mountain_bikingThey are not called Mountain Bikes for nothing! Off road cycling on the Blair Atholl Estate, seeing the things that other tours miss. Cycles are provided. It is sensible to carry a bottle of drinking water, particularly if the weather is warm. If it is wet you will get muddy!

Mountain Hike

Mountain_hikeClimb one (or two/three) of Scotland's Munro's (mountains over 3000 feet) to test your hillwalking and endurance skills, and be rewarded with some fantastic views across the mountains and glens of Scotland. You will require appropriate hiking boots, clothing and waterproofs, along with a water bottle and a small rucsac.

Overnight Cycle

overnight_both_cCertainly not for the unadventurous – a real biking challenge, but the views can be spectacular. Leaving the campsite at 7.30pm, cycle up into the hills above Blair Atholl, stay overnight in hammocks under the stars and return home (downhill!) for 10.00 am. Scouts selected for this event will not have a morning activity the day they return to camp.

River Rescue

River RescueSafer Crossing & Self Rescue are the main areas of focus here. You’ll learn the basics of how to interact with the river in a more controlled manner, helping you keep your cool should you ever find yourself in such a situation. Of course that means we need to put you in that situation!

Fully kitted up with wetsuit, buoyancy aids & helmet you’ll be taught basic defensive swimming before being shot through a rapid or two. Blasting through the White Water, you’ll discover buoyancy aids ain’t so buoyant in bubbles! We’ll finish up by teaching some safer jumping techniques at “The Rock” Come in your swimming gear with a pair of old trainers or boots that will get wet!


sailingAn exciting way to explore and have fun in your surroundings away from the camp.  The water sports experience will allow you to access some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland from the water of Loch Tummel.  We have canoes, kayaks, sailing and many more activities besides. You can either improve your skills on the water, have a go for the first time or just relax and have fun.  We have experienced staff who will help you every step of the way no matter what your skill level or experience. 

Please remember that we are a water based activity so you may get wet, very wet, and, the weather can control what we can safely offer. So! Be prepared to have a full immersive Blair Atholl experience, join in and don't forget a towel!

Details of Basic Activities

Atholl Experience

atholl-experiencAre you ready for the Experience of your life? Are you ready to make some noise? Are you ready for mud?!

You will climb over or scramble under muddy and watery obstacles; you will run; you will scream and shout; you will laugh; you will shed tears of happiness and joy! You will experience an activity so unique that you will tell your grandchildren about it!

It's time for you to come to the Atholl Experience. Throw yourself in head first, this is your chance to be a Legend.

Once you have completed our ancient quest, you will have overcome all challenges you faced, have the answer to nearly every question posed to you. Join us, there will be mud!

Bushcraft. (man living WITH nature)

survivalThis is absolutely at the core of worldwide scouting.

Our Bushcraft Zone is set up in an area where you will Learn, Practice and Refresh your bushcraft skills. You can try out new skills like paracord making, woggle making, new cooking ideas, enter our water boiling challenge, tinder making, rope making and lots more.

Can you really build a fire? Have you tried a hammock? Come and give it a go.

No animal preparation. NO GUTS - ALL GLORY!!

International Scout Games

scout-gamesOther than sports, what games do Scouts around the world play during weekly meetings, during camps and during free time? Come along and share your favourite whilst learning loads more that you can take back home with you and play in the months ahead. From traditional to modern, from simple to more complicated, but all requiring very little equipment this is a very relaxed activity during which you'll get to know the other participants very well and have great fun.


scout-gamesFrom making things super cold to making them go boom, this is the hands on, fun side of science. You’ll make rockets fly, shatter flowers like they are made of glass and find out what is meant by a “controlled explosion”. No previous science experience or knowledge necessary as we’ll do all the work and you can have all the fun.

Nature Walk

nature-walkDiscover many of Scotlands natural wonders, from the smallest flowers and insects to the largest trees and mammals native to this country. Enjoy a walk around the tracks and footpaths of the Blair Atholl Estate (uneven surfaces, strong footwear required).

No need to miss a thing as binoculars will be provided, but you might want to bring your camera along too.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

read-steady-cookLike eating? Enjoy a challenge? Here is one where you get the best of both worlds. Working in 4 teams of around 6, each group will get a bag of mixed ingredients. The challenge is to use these in combination, along with a well stocked larder, to produce a two-course meal that is both tasty and imaginative (although edible would be a good start)! One of the staff will taste all of the meals and decide the winning team, then you get to eat the food you have prepared. The time is limited, the ingredients are limited, the cooking facilities are limited, the only thing without limits is your imagination! Get your aprons on!!

Rookie Rangers

walk-wild-sidePublic access to the Atholl Estates is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year. Assist the Blair Atholl Estate Ranger Service, enhance the access and enjoyment of these visitors by making bird and bat boxes or knocking into shape a local path by the river. Work on improvements to a designated 'site of special scientific interest'(SSSI) and at the same time learn from the local expert Rangers. As a way of thanking you for your hard work, the camp and the ranger service have created a limited edition badge which participants will receive and can be added to your campfire blanket collection!

The Great Blair Bake Off!

The Great Blair Bake OffEnjoy cake?? Well this is the place for you! Come and join us and challenge your skills baking sweet and savoury foods!

Working in teams of 4 you'll be presented with recipies, ingredients and a time limit. When you products are complete, staff will assess and score your skills. You'll then be able to take your baking back to your sub-camp to enjoy!

Come and join us and bake your heart out!




There's no "I" in team

i-teamCan you work with others as a team? Hopefully with those you know well, like the rest of your patrol, but how would you get on working with others you don't know. Well you can find out because you'll have to co-operate with other people to succeed here. This activity involves several games and challenges that will have you thinking, but will you be thinking "as a team"? Come along and face the challenge!

Details of Creative Activities

Blair-AKToR - Blair Atholl Kastle Theatricals of Repute

baktorA drama workshop with a difference, Blair-AKToR is fast, fun and fabulous! No experience needed - just bring your own imagination. The stage is set and the show must go on. After all, all the Field's a stage! Whoosh!



Tune into your creative side and come to Crafts, no physical effort required. Come and take the opportunity to sit and socialise whilst being creative. 

On offer are many different activities each table with a different theme, some of the crafts are candle making, glass painting, marbling, woggle making, tie dye, paper quilling, kites, mask making, colouring in, scoobie keyrings, decopatch, friendship bracelets and even designer phone cases. 

Or why not come and make something for the disco or to celebrate Christmas on the 25th July with us. We have the materials and if you have the imagination, masterpieces can be created as well as a lot of fun. 


Cultural Zone

Cultural Zone

Come & join us in the new and exciting CULTURAL ZONE which encompasses a range of activity bases from previous Blair Atholl Jamborettes. 

On offer is a real mix of crafts, games and activities with a cultural connection from the countries represented at camp.  Every day & session will be different, with everyone getting the opportunity to contribute to our BIG project (if you want) making it a truly unique reminder of Blair Atholl 2016. 

Take the opportunity to come and chill out, socialise, to share and learn.  We look forward to seeing you there!



Go Global

Go Global

Want to change the world?

Take part in our workshops, get informed and find out how you can make a difference!

Think Global, Act Local!



iBuildA perfect activity for all abilities; whether you’re a budding carpenter or electrician, or you’ve never held a hammer or pair of pliers in your life. This activity is a double session of woodwork and electronics, where you will design and build a functioning portable speaker to take away! It will work with any device with a headphone socket such as iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, mobile phone, radio, CD player or handheld games!

Kastle Kurrents

kastle-kurrentsWe produce a daily Kamp newspaper called Kastle Kurrents. We are looking for young, enthusiastic people to take on the roles of reporter, photojournalist, copier, agony aunt, silly survey asker and delivery person. If you are interested in any of these activities then there is bound to be a job to suit you on our team. Readers of our daily publication are always eager to find out what has been happening around the Kamp, and each issue gets uploaded to our web site so everyone at home can also catch up with the news.

Movie Maker

Movie MakerFancy yourself as a bit of a movie director or testing out your camera skills? Well you have come to the right place. Working together you can help us film and edit the ins and outs of camp and maybe even learn a few trade secrets. So come and join us and see what movie magic you can make.

Pine Wood Derby

Pine Wood DerbyStarting with a block of wood and a few wheels can you build the car of your dreams to
take on your friends? Hack, saw and carve away until your car is ready, then line up on
the start line for a downhill drag race against your competitors.  Be it a low down sports
car, a truck or futuristic car from your imagination, can you win?

Radio Blair

Radio BlairEver wanted to know how a radio show is put together?  Then join the Radio Blair team!

From producing features for broadcast, to helping select the music playlist, from presenting news segments, to creating and editing ads and jingles; you could be involved in producing our Jamborette radio show.

And the show will be broadcast in all the subcamps and around Target Park!

Details of Sports Activities


archeryTarget archery is the most commonly practiced form of archery and one you will possibly be familiar with. The archers shoot from a line a distance from the target faces scoring from the centre 10 to the outer ring 1. Each team will have practise arrows and then compete against one another for small prizes, highest score per team and closest to the bull (centre). Fun elements will also be introduced e.g. balloons on the target faces.

Cirque de Blair

Cirque de Blair

Ever been told you're a bit of a clown? Well you'll fit right in here! Come along and learn some new skills and put on a show in our very own big top. Try your hand at Poi spinning, Staff spinning, Juggling, Diablo and much more!


fishingSpend a half-day in peace and quiet, fishing at a remote pond in the hills above Blair Atholl. We have stocked the pond with over 100 trout so together with the ones left over from previous camps, there is a good chance of you catching your own supper!


geocachingNavigate the historic surroundings of Blair Castle with the most modern handheld GPS technology! Solve the clues and complete the challenges to be the first team to find the hidden treasure - those who do will not be disappointed!

Lawn Bowls

Lawn BowlsWant to try a traditional British Sport? This gentle game of skill and tactics is harder than it looks and surorisingly addictive. Do you have what it takes...

Martial Arts

Martial ArtsEver wanted to be like Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris? Maybe you just want to feel a bit safer walking around town at night. Either way, we can teach you some excellent self defence moves to give you that self assurance, from punching and kicking to throwing your opponent to the ground. Come along and learn something new and why you are a force to be reckoned with!

Team Sports

team-sportsLike Sports? Like Team Sports?

Then we have the activity for you....... Try your hand at a range of activities including Netball, Handball, Rounders, Volleyball, Ultimate Frizbee and of course not forgetting football and rugby (with a possible twist).

It's going to be the Blair version of Rio 2016 Olympics - totally unmissable! So, if you think you are ready, for some FUN sports with a strong team emphasis, try International Team Sports at Blair Atholl.


WheelsWheels will let you unleash you need for speed! Can you master the mountain board? Or will you race down the hill on one of the different go-karts? Mountain boarding combines skateboarding with off roading allowing you to tackle any terrain. If you're familiar with skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding then mountain boarding will come naturally. If you're new to the sport all you need is the guts to start. We have a variety of karts here at wheels from traditional designs to some more interesting wheeled contraptions for up to 4 people!

Details of Treks and Tours

Blair Castle

blair-castleA visit, in uniform, to the castle. Scouts will form three or four parties, each of which will be taken round the Castle by guides from the Jamborette staff. Scouts get free entry to the castle to see the amazing collections of weapons and deer antlers, as well as the other fascinating attractions of this 13th Century Castle and ancestral home of the Duke of Atholl.

Crates and Hovercrafting

Crates and HovercraftDo you want an activity where you need skill? Do you want throw your weight around and have fun at the same time? Do you want to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the scenic Perthshire scenery? Good, why not try out Hovercrafting. Using you skill and weight navigate our course in the grounds of Blair Estate and see how you do. After this test your head for heights in out crate climbing challenge. Just remember Keep calm and drive your hovercraft.

Explorer Scout International Trek

explorer-trekA popular activity at recent Blair Atholl Jamborettes, for those aged 16 and 17. 24 hours of fun and adventurous activities around the Atholl Estate with a BBQ and camp away from the main site. This activity counts for two allocations towards the White Cockade, and in addition, all those who complete the Trek will earn the special Blair Atholl Explorer Scout Trek badge as a reminder of their experience. Trek leaves the site early in the afternoon on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, returning the following morning. Assembly details will be confirmed by Uncles.

Mystery Tour

Mystery TourWe are not going to let you know where you will be going but we can guarantee that those who choose to take the trip will have immense fun while learning a bit about our Scottish heritage. Those taking part will get the opportunity to challenge themselves while having a day off site exploring the magnificent Scottish Highlands. There will be spectacular scenery to gaze at from the very start, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for there may be wildlife to spot throughout the day. Please make sure you are ready to board the coach prompt so that no time is wasted.

Pitlochry Visit

pitlocheryAn opportunity to sightsee and shop in this delightful Victorian town and popular holiday resort, which nestles in the Perthshire Highlands. Whether you are looking for that essential present or memento to take home with you, or you want to sample the delights of that great Scottish delicacy Fish n Chips and a can of Irn Bru - you will enjoy your trip. Assemble at the main gate, in uniform, for your bus to Pitlochry.

White Cockade

The White Cockade was the badge worn by the followers of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745-6. The Marquis of Tullibardine, son of the 1st Duke of Atholl, carried the Prince's standard when he landed at Moidart and gathered the clans at Glenfinnan. The White Cockade which was worn by the Marquis, can be seen in a display cabinet in Blair Castle. The Marquis' brother, Lord George Murray, was the General in charge of the Jacobite army.

Scouts can win a Cockade badge by successfully completing 12 Activities (all day activities count as 2) and organise and participate in two social activities in the evenings as approved by the Subcamp Uncle. In choosing their activities, Scouts must select at least one activity from each of the Activity Zones (Adventure, Basics, Creative, Sport and Treks & Tours). After each activity, the scouts get a sticky badge to put into the back few pages of their camp handbook to keep track of their progress.

2016 White Cockade