Scottish Regional Co-ordinators


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1) Co-ordinators Newsletter No 2

2) Home Hospitality - Notes for the co-ordinator

3) Post Jamborette Home Hospitality Scheme

4) Home Hospitality - Notes for the Hosts 

5) PVG Guidance for co-ordinators

6) Confirmation of all PVG checks for Home Hospitality - to be returned to SHQ by Friday 29th June 2018

7) Scottish Scout Booklet on the Jamborette

8) Patrol Equipment List

9) Sketch of the Dining Shelter

10) Camp Calendar

11) Camp Emergency Contact Details - This has been updated on 10th July to include the Camp Site Telephone Number,

12) Sub-camp Inspection Guide

13) Sub-camp Inspection Sheet


The Code of Conduct for the Jamborette is based upon the standard Code of Conduct for International Events used by the World Bureau. It is a general code and additions can and will be made at the camp as required. As with all Scouting activities, the camp operates under the provisions of the UK Scout Association’s Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) and the Scottish Variations thereof.


All staff members (Scottish and Overseas) at the Blair Atholl Jamborette must agree to follow and adhere to the Code of Conduct below.

Please follow these guidelines to keep yourself and everyone else safe and help us all have a great Jamborette.

  • Wear your Jamborette neckie and I.D. badge at all times unless asked to remove them for safety reasons.
  • Follow the Scout Promise, Law and Fundamental Values at all times.
  • Be tolerant, respectful and understanding of others.
  • Turn up for your duties on time. If you are unable to work, you must make sure your team leader knows before you are due to start.
  • Respect other people’s property - if you didn’t bring it or buy it, then leave it alone. ‘Trophy hunting’ is theft!
  • Smoking is permitted only in marked areas.
  • The possession, use or supply of illegal substances is expressly forbidden.
  • As an adult you may not swap badges with Participants. You may not sell anything.
  • Please respect the right of others to sleep and rest. Remember that people will be working shift patterns and may have to sleep during the day.
  • Please use the bins provided and make a special effort to keep the Jamborette clean and tidy.
  • Take care when using the services such as showers and toilets and think of others.
  • Gambling is not allowed.
  • Please respect and follow all signs and instructions - ‘out of bounds’ or restricted access areas have been designated for a reason.
  • The Staff Lines, Staff Mess and Staff Club are for staff members only.
  • Staff should wear full Scout Uniform or appropriate activity dress when off site.

The UK Scout Association has a Child Protection Policy , Safety Policy and guidelines on "Scouting and Alcohol" and the "Scouting and Alcohol - Green Card". All persons present at the Jamborette must familiarise themselves with the content and abide by these rules whilst on the site.

All Staff members must follow direction from the Camp Chief, as the Regional Commissioner for the event, and his Core Team.


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