Meet the Staff

The Camp Chief


Colin Peters, joined Scouting at 7 years old as a Cub and has been a Leader, in a number of roles at Group, District, area and national levels , for over 20 years.

This is Colin's 1st as Camp Chief.  He first attended the Scottish International Patrol Jamborette at Blair Atholl as a young person in 1990 and has attended almost every camp since then as staff on subcamps, activities team and as camp doctor.

As Camp Chief, Colin leads and co-ordinate all the teams from the planning stage right through to the camp itself. The planning starts some 18 months before the event and of course there is a review of everything after the camp and a discussion for ways to improve the event for the future.



The Core Team

Whilst Colin chairs the core team and as overall responsibility, we should not forget this small group of people, because without them, the Jamborette would not happen. For months, they hold regular meetings planning the next Blair Atholl, estimating the costs of food and materials often a year in advance, no easy task in these times.

The amount of administration involved in running such an event is enormous, keeping track of every one that has applied, devising activities, programming the activities, coordinating transport, the main site tentage, catering etc. They all have their own skills and use them jointly to pull the camp together.

And of course, they do not do all the work themselves - they have teams of people working with them, we should not forget these people as well, and the staff at our Scottish Headquarters that also put a lot of effort into the event.