Meet the Staff

Information on the various Staff Teams will be added during the camp.



The Camp Chief

Andrew Sharkey, Camp ChiefAndrew Sharkey first became involved with the Blair Atholl Jamborette in 1988 and has attended all 14 camps since. This is Sharkey's 3rd Jamborette as Camp Chief, a role he is thoroughly enjoying. This year there are Scouts from an incredible 19 countries and with 1500 Scouts and leaders attending this the 35th Jamborette.  In addition, the Satellite Camp will add another 700 Scouts and Leaders to the Jamborette over the middle weekend.  All of this will make it the largest Blair Atholl Jamborette ever! Sharkey said "The Jamborette has been running for 70 years and the atmosphere at the camp, amongst the Scouts and staff, is something quite special. The International friendships made at the camp and afterwards during the period of home hospitality add to this to make it an incredible International Scouting experience both for the Scouts that attend and for their home communities after the camp."

 So what does the Camp Chief do?

"I lead and co-ordinate all the teams from the planning stage right through to the camp itself. The planning starts some 18 months before the event and of course, we meet afterwards to review everything and look for ways to further improve the Jamborette.

Blair Atholl is a very special camp and I am very fortunate to have an amazing team supporting the camp, including the International Leaders who bring their Scouts from all parts of the World. The staff come together and work together every two years as if they did this on a daily basis, making sure the camp runs smoothly from start to finish."

And what does Sharkey do with his time when not planning the next Blair Atholl Jamborette? Professionally, Sharkey is a Head Teacher and holds a range of scouting roles, his main ones being Explorer Scout Leader at Lanark Explorer Scout Unit and Group Scout Leader of 2nd Lanark Scout Group.



The Core Team

The Core team for the Camp

Whilst Sharkey chairs the core team, we should not forget this small group of people, because without them, the Jamborette would not happen. For months they hold regular meetings planning the next Blair Atholl, estimating the costs of food and materials often a year in advance, no easy task in these times. The amount of administration involved in running such an event is enormous, keeping track of every one that has applied, devising activities, programming the activities, coordinating transport, the main site tentage, catering etc. They all have their own skills and use them jointly to pull the camp together. And of course they do not do all the work themselves - they have teams of people working with them, we should not forget these people as well, and the staff at our Scottish Headquarters that also put a lot of effort into the event.



The Reception Team

A group of leaders that support the Camp by manning varios services including the Reception hall, the Cafe, Post Office and Bank. Everybody in camp will ahve had conatct with these team at some point of time, whether it be lost/found property, going off site or the facilities in the Kastle. They also act as the Control Centre for the radio contacts between the subcamps and the various other teams around the camp site.


Site Services


This is a team of folk that work away behind the scenes, but without whom the camp would not operate. Well before Scouts arrive on site, the water supply is plumbed in, Electricity supplies laid in where necessary.

During the camp, ever thought of who cleans the toilets during the camp? Who cleans the blocked drains? Who collects the rubbish every day? That is just a sample of the work they do.

They built the main Camp Gateway, and were involved with the pitching of the marques around the site.

Hard people to find, they work hard and long hours during the whole camp. Often on the go before 8 a.m. and still slogging away at 10 p.m.



The Medics

As with every camp, it is essential that there is a sound support in the way of First Aid for the Scouts. Blair Atholl is no exception and in fact that we have a team of doctors on site and available 24 hours a day. They are supported by a number of nurses and Paramedics and a host of qualified First Aiders.

The hospital comprises of a marquee, with a wooden floor and comprises of a reception area, treatment room and a rest room, should it be needed.

The doctors hold a surgery twice a day during the camp to attend to any ailments or injuries that may have occurred. But they are always available at the end of a radio.

The usual cuts and bruises, sore throats, headaches strains and sprains are the main causes of visits to the doctors.

The doctors do urge that everyone, but everyone should wash their hands immediately before handling food or eating.


Quartermaster Store Team

Have you ever thought what goes into provisioning for 1500 people? Not only that, but in a grass field.

Every morning the milk man appears around 6 a.m. and unloads 500 litres of milk. Over the camp some 2500 yogurts are consumed. 160 dozen rolls daily and on occasions 100 dozen sticky buns are delivered from the bakery. And then there are the consumables, toilet rolls, cleaning materials, flour, cooking oils, butter, jam, tea, coffee, sugar and of course the soft drinks and sweets for the Kastle shop. And of course, if you are going off site for the day, or overnight, they prepare a apck of provisions that will go with you.

Behind the store a large refrigerated lorry sits for the duration of the camp, to store all the perishables.

A support team in the Quartermasters store manage all the goods inward and the issue of provisions to the sub camps and the staff catering team. 


Staff Catering 

How do you fancy feeding over 500 people with three hot meals a day for two weeks in a grass field?

That is the task that the catering team have and they excel at it. How to the cope with preparing the meals – there is a mobile kitchen brought on site

They work in two shifts to prepare the meals and serve it to the camp staff, but they do have some time off when Staff eat with the patrols and on the Sunday where staff preparing a barbeque for the sub-camp patrols -  but then again do they – I have seen them cooking and serving the BBQ on Sunday night?

Folks, everyone on site appreciates the food you provide us with.


The Admin Team 

The Admin Team

Just a few people who spend two weeks in a cabin in the middle of field

No way! This team often work into the wee small hours organising various aspects of the camp.

From the time the first person, whether it be staff or a Scout registers until the last overseas contingents leaves Scotland, they are involved.

Everyone on site will meet a member of this team at least once during their stay at Blair Atholl.

They prepare all the security badges, allocate patrols and leaders to sub-camps and then the massive task of co-ordination the Home Hospitality for all the overseas scouts and leaders AND the arranging all the transport from Home Hospitality to bring the contingents back together again to ensure they catch their flights etc. That is no mean task. They worked into the wee hours of Friday morning finalising HoHo this year


The Activity Team 

A small team of leaders who again worked hard to arrange all the activities for the 1000 Scouts on site.

Co-ordinating the activities, allocated staff to each activity, check the risk assessments to ensure every safeguard has been made, it takes months of work before the camp.

Then, during the camp they have the task of allocating each sub-camp activities for each day to ensure that all the youngsters have the opportunity to do as many of the activities as they can.

And then there are all the staff members on site who actually run the activities for 6 days, those that provide the evening entertainment as well.


The Staff Club Team 

Those people that provide all the teas and coffees for members of staff in their leisure moments, the evening entertainment and serve supper. They arrange visits to various local places of interest for the staff during their time off.

A very important role for the 470 leaders on site as it provides them with the relaxation they need after a hard day’s work 


The others 

The members of staff who designed and built the interior of the Kastle, and all the wee backroom jobs that get down without being noticed, fix things when the break, provide the IT facilities across the site, prepare and print Kastle Kurrents every day, handle the media, and we have had some great coverage in the papers and on television, Update the Facebook page and Twitter, take the pictures daily and loading them to the web site and many many others that just work away quietly - Thank You.

A  fact on our website phtographer: No of pictures taken over the duration of the camp - 2759    No of miles walked - 107 miles  and no doubt there are many people who have beaten that over the duration of the camp.