The Story Behind the Event

World Jamborees take place every four years and they serve a very useful purpose, but Mr Jack Stewart, International Commissioner for Scotland before and after the 1939/1945 war, felt that a smaller gathering of Scouts from all over the world would be of more lasting benefit. After discussion with many overseas friends who had found their way to Britain during the war, the concept of the first Jamborette in 1946 became clear in Jack's mind.

jack_stewartThe then Duke of Atholl gave permission for the camp to be held in what was known as America Park (now the caravan site). Great assistance was given to the first camp by the Perthshire Scouts who left the facilities of their County Camp in the same park.

The arrangement then, as now, was that a Scottish Patrol would arrive and set up a 'double' Patrol site to allow their Overseas Patrol to travel to Scotland without tentage and camping equipment.

The idea worked extremely well and it was decided that a Jamborette would be held every two years on the 'even' years to avoid a clash with the World Jamborees. The smaller size of camp allowed more International contact and friendships more readily made in camp, were encouraged to continue at a Scottish home during a short period of hospitality. Jack was very keen on this part of the Jamborette for it was a better way of furthering International friendship and understanding.blair_atholl1946

The World Jamboree in France in 1947 allowed Jack the chance to publicise the success of the idea and extend invitations to the 1948 event. A larger staff allowed a wider range of activities to be attempted, this staff being catered for by a team of Guides from Perthshire.

In this way, the Blair Atholl concept was born and has continued along very similar lines every two years. In 1962 there was an enforced break when America Park was unavailable, but a 'Philia' was held for Patrol Leaders from all over the World in the field across the drive from our present camp. In 1972 the Jamborette moved to its present 'Target Park' site.

Representatives of more than 50 countries have come to Blair Atholl since 1946 and have always been welcomed by the people of the area. We owe our thanks to the staff of the Atholl Estates for this lovely site and all the assistance we get in running this event.