The 6 Sub Camps

6_sub_campsFor the duration of the camp the Subcamp is lead by the Clan Chief. Their job is to be the Scouts Leader, and to help them to enjoy their stay at Blair Atholl. Each Subcamp will take part in friendly competition with the other Subcamps at various times. On a daily basis the best joint Patrol at inspection in each Subcamp will be inspected by the Camp Chief who will then award his personal pennant to the best joint Patrol in the whole Camp.

In each Subcamp there will be several assistant Leaders who are also there to help Scouts to get the most out of this unique 'International Experience'.

A Little About the Sub Camp Clans


Reckoned by many to be the oldest and most famous of the Scottish clans. Men of the west and of the Isles, they claim descent from Donald, grandson of the Norwegian, Somerled of the Isles, who died in 1164.

Macdonald Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- George Walker


This clan is descended from 'Gillaen of the Battle Axe' who flourished in the 13th century. The axe which made him famous features on the clan crest. His signature on a document from 1294 is 'Gillamoir Mackilyn'. The late Lord Charles Maclean was the chief of the Clan Maclean, and was a former Chief Scout.
McLean Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- Linda Paterson


The Murrays are descended from one called Freskin who was either a Fleming who settled in Scotland at the time of King David I or a Pictish noble. This family became the forebearers of the Dukes of Atholl. The first Duke was created in 1703. The Duke of Atholl is the only person in the United Kingdom allowed to have and maintain a private 'Army'.

Murray Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- Dougie Woodrow


The Morrisons, 'Sons of Maurice', lived in the Hebrides. The chiefs of the clan were the 'brieves' (local judges) of the Island of Lewis and at one time their jurisdiction extended from Islay to the Butt of Lewis and to Ord of Caithness. A distinguished member of the clan was the late Sir Garth Morrison who was a former Chief Scout of the United Kingdom.

Morrison Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- Amy Gordon


Very much a Perthshire family. The first Chief was 'Duncan the Stout', a descendant of the ancient Earls of Atholl. When the clan lands were created in the Struan area, adjoining Blair Atholl, the Chief's name was Robert and his son took the surname Robertson.

Robertson Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- Colin McGregor


The Stewarts are descended from a Breton noble who came to England. One of his sons subsequently moved to Scotland where he found favour with the then King David 1. His grandson (a steward) adopted the name Stewart which gave the name to a Royal line.

Stewart Clan Chief for Blair Atholl 2018 :- John Rafferty