Tap the map to find all 9 of the Blair Everywhere tents and areas

Tap the map to find all 9 of the Blair Everywhere tents and areas
First Aid Quartermaster's Tent Welcome Tent Staff Club Live Events Activities at the Kastle Subcamps The Country Fair The Satellite Camp Happy Christmas!

First Aid

Find out more about what our Medical Team get up to during the Blair Atholl Jamborette.

Quartermaster's Tent

You can find our camp menu and dinner recipes here in the Quartermaster's Tent

Welcome Tent

Welcome to the Welcome Tent, where we have lots of welcoming information about how to get involved with Blair Everywhere!

Staff Club

A chilled out place for Staff to relax after a long day!

Live Events

Find out when all our live events are happening and join us on Facebook or on Scoutlink to get involved

Activities at the Kastle

There's always LOADS to do at Blair Atholl Jamborette - come and get involved with some activities!


Can you complete the Subcamp Leaders challenges? Come in and find out!

The Country Fair

The Country Fair is open! Join us for some traditional songs and activities from our International contingents

The Satellite Camp

Come and find some space-themed activities in the Satellite Camp

Happy Christmas!

Ready for a spot of festive fun?