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Blair Atholl 2020 Staff Mug

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Blair Atholl 2020 staff mugs are available for Scottish and International leaders to purchase, who applied or were registered for Blair Atholl 2020.

If you applied or were registered, you should have received an email with a Unique ID – make sure you enter this in the Notes field at check out so we can match you up.

When you check out your order, please the Unique ID in the Notes field, so we can cross reference. If you want to order multiple mugs (e.g. for you and your partner who were both registered as leaders), make sure you include a unique ID for each mug.

Please don’t share your unique ID with anyone else. Any orders with duplicate IDs may be cancelled and refunded, at the Camp Chief’s discretion.

One mug per unique ID!

We want to keep the Blair Atholl 2020 staff mugs just as special as all the other Blair staff mugs. If you want more mementos to keep or trade, the Blair Everywhere badge is available to all, and you can order as many as you like.

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