Activities at the Kastle

There are always lots of fun activities to do at Blair and this year is no exception! We have lots ideas from our leaders including the Hill Team, Bushcraft, Circus Skills, Crafts, and Lawn Bowls.

When you do join in with any of the activities, remember to ask permission and get an adult to help you, especially if you’re using fire or sharp tools, or you might make a mess!

And share your pictures and videos with us on social media, if you like, using #BlairEverywhere.

A photo of a scout covered in mud during the Atholl Experience

The Camp Chief’s Mission

Done all the activities on the site? (There's over 60!) Or looking for a fresh challenge? Complete our Camp Chief's ...
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Scouts having a party at Blair Atholl Jamborette 2018

Join the Scoutlink Chat Room

Join us in our Blair Everywhere chat room and talk to other young people from around the world taking part ...
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A collage of photos of the Team Sports leaders dancing to Chocolatte

Learn the dance to Choc-o-latte

Team Sports are BUZZIN' about Blair Everywhere! Watch the video to learn the Team Sports' version of Choc-o-latte Then share ...
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A cartoon map of Scotland

Languages O’ Scotland

Scotland is a small country with no less than 3 indigenous languages spoken. Click on the link below to have ...
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A close up photo of a home made leather woggle decorated with a Scottish flag

Leather woggles

Learn how to make a leather woggle. If you've not got vegetable tanned leather, why not upcycle an unused or ...
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A screen shot of Simon's Freeze Frame Challenge from the video, but the bottom two pictures are blurred so you can't see the ending

The Freeze Frame Challenge

Use your acting, photography and storytelling skills to amaze and entertain us! Watch the video for more details, and follow ...
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A photo of a pink and blue homemade rope

Homemade Rope

Materials Ball of string (different colours if you have)Screw in cup hook (or clip carabiner)Pencil or Pencil for winding. Method ...
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A red carton heart with a smiley face, and a ribbon with the words Care Homes

Care for Care Homes

Join us in reducing the loneliness and improving the wellbeing of people in care homes as we collectively carry out ...
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Three for 3

Take action to help other people by sharing three things you're doing to stay positive during the coronavirus crisis with ...
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The Munro Mountain Hike Challenge

One of the main mountains that we climb at Blair Atholl, and which can be seen from the campsite is ...
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a photo of an ice cream cone with strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream with a circular wafer

The Half-Day (Ice Cream) Hike

Simple activity - go for a half day hike in your local area and finish with an ice-cream Find a ...
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Make a Washer Bracelet or Necklace

I find washers lying around everywhere. Out in my parents shed, in ‘that’ kitchen drawer that has everything, in, my ...
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Fire on water

Please always ask for permission before making fires in your garden or anywhere else! This activity should be done outdoors, ...
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Do-it-yourself Bowling

Get 10 plastic containers (these can be empty, half empty or full) shorter indoor version is for 6 containers. Make ...
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A screenshot of the landing page for one of the quizzes in the Kahoot app

Test your knowledge

Are you brave enough to have a go at the longer “Muckle Monster Quiz” or the shorter “Wee Quiz”? Download ...
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Pompom Eyeballs

These pompoms can be made in pairs to add to other craft projects, or you could just make a single ...
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A brown leather pouch with a blue paracord tie holding it closed

Make a leather pouch

So, we’re going to make a bush craft pouch which can be used for fire lighting materials or coins or ...
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A composite image showing the supplies needed for the egg carton firelighters, and a few steps of the process

Egg Carton Firelighters

These firelighters have a number of advantages over the shop bought fire lighters, they don’t have that horrible paraffin smell ...
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Make your own Balloon Juggling Balls

This creates a nice completely smooth ball using 3 balloons (12” size) filled with 3/4 cup (or adjust for the ...
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