Do-it-yourself Bowling

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Get 10 plastic containers (these can be empty, half empty or full) shorter indoor version is for 6 containers. Make sure lids are screwed on tight.

Find various sizes of balls such as tennis, cricket, rugby, football etc

Place the containers in a triangle (1 in the front row, then 2, then 3, and 4 in the last row)

Idea of the game is to knock down all the containers with only 3 throws of the ball

If you knock the front one down it’s 1 point, any of the 2 in the second row 2 points, 3rd row 3 points and 4th row 4 points.

If you knock them all down within 3 throws then you gain another 5 points.

The main theme of the game is different shaped containers with different shaped and sized balls

This can be played over as many ends (rounds) as you like but I normally stick to around 6 ends a game. It is easier if you are playing with someone that someone plays up and someone plays down