The Half-Day (Ice Cream) Hike

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a photo of an ice cream cone with strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream with a circular wafer

Simple activity – go for a half day hike in your local area and finish with an ice-cream

  • Find a local walk or route that will take about 2 hours, and that you could do with other young people (at appropriate social distancing requirements) or your family.
  • Ensure that it takes in some local landmarks and features, for example on the half day hike at Blair Atholl, we go past Blair Castle, go up to “The Folly” (a building or landmark built for decoration and no other practical purpose) and finish at the Falls of Bruar (a series of spectacular waterfalls)
  • Can you find similar landmarks and natural features in your local area?
  • Finish your hike at a local ice-cream shop and enjoy a well-earned treat

Don’t forget to take the appropriate kit with you – good comfy footwear suitable for the terrain, snacks, water bottle, map & compass, small first aid kit and don’t forget the waterproofs (it is Scotland after all). Also you’ll need money (probably a card/contactless at the moment) to buy your ice-cream!

And tell someone where you are going, details of the route and estimated time of finishing.

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, you could try the Munro Mountain Hike Challenge.

Share pictures of your walk and your ice cream with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Hill Team