The Munro Mountain Hike Challenge

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One of the main mountains that we climb at Blair Atholl, and which can be seen from the campsite is Carn Liath (part of the Beinn A’Ghlo range) which is classed as a “Munro”.

Munros are mountains in Scotland who’s summit height is 3,000 feet (914.4 metres) and higher.

The summit of Carn Liath is 3,202 feet or 975 metres high.

Walking and climbing mountains as part of Scouting activities usually requires the activity to be led by people with appropriate experience and qualifications/adventurous activity permits.

So instead of going for an actual hillwalk, why not walk/climb the height of Carn Liath from the comfort of your own home

  • Climb the stairs in your house, or another suitable/safe venue, the appropriate number of times to reach the equivalent height.
  • The average height of an individual stair is around 20cm, meaning 5 stairs in a metre, and 4,875 stairs to the top of Carn Liath
  • The average flight of stairs in the UK usually consists of 14 stairs
  • Meaning that you would need to walk up 348.2 flights of stairs to reach the top (assuming starting from sea level!).

Try it – how long will it take you?

Don’t forget to take the appropriate kit with you – good comfy footwear, snacks, water bottle and don’t forget the waterproofs (it is Scotland after all).

If this seems like too much of a challenge, our Hill Walking team also offer a very popular Ice Cream Hike, which you can try instead.

Share pictures of your Munro Challenge with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

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