Pompom Eyeballs

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These pompoms can be made in pairs to add to other craft projects, or you could just make a single fluffy eyeball to enjoy as a decoration at home.

You could make a wreath of pompom eyes to hang on your door at Halloween – although it might take you from now until October to finish it!

You will need:

  • Scrap cardboard
  • A small amount of black wool for the pupil
  • Some green/brown/ blue wool for the iris
  • A ball of white wool for the rest of the eye
  • Sharp scissors

The step by step instructions and pictures are below.

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Cut two identical circles out of cardboard as
shown. (About 6-7cm diameter with central circle
no bigger than 2cm)

Placing circles together, wind black wool round the
two discs only covering about 15% of the area
Ensure the black wool is quite thick as this will
make the pupil.

Next, cover the black wool completely with
whatever coloured wool you have chosen. This
time make sure it covers about 25% of the surface.
Again make sure it’s a thick layer.

Now using the white wool, completely cover the
whole surface, including the coloured wool. This
will take a little while – good time to have a chat
while doing it. When the centre circle is amost
filled then stop. I used a crochet hook to help get
the wool through, but you could use a pencil.

Slip the scissors in between the two cardboard
discs and cut round the edge. Don’t take the
cardboard off yet!

Cut a length of wool and tie it tightly round the
middle – between the two cardboard discs. (Use a
longer piece of wool if you want to hang it up, but
make sure you don’t leave the ends coming out of
the coloured part.

Now break the cardboard discs off and trim any
loose strands.

We’d love to see photos and videos of you making your pompom eyes! Come and share them with us on social media using #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Craft team