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Burns and scalds

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Discover how we treat burns and scalds at Blair Atholl Jamborette.

Remember, if you need first aid right now, ask a parent or an adult who can help you.

Heat Exhaustion

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Learn what we do to help Scouts and Leaders at Blair Atholl who are suffering from heat exhaustion.

Remember if you need first aid help right now, please ask a parent or an adult who can help you.

A photo of a scout covered in mud during the Atholl Experience

The Camp Chief’s Mission

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Done all the activities on the site? (There’s over 60!) Or looking for a fresh challenge? Complete our Camp Chief’s mission and share your efforts on social media using #CCMission and #BlairEverywhere. We’ll pick some of our favourites to share, and there may even be prizes available!

If you social media accounts are private you can share with us by emailing Make sure to tell us in the email if it’s ok for us to share your pictures with other Scouts at Blair Everywhere.

Challenge 1

Make a Giant Blair Badge from materials around the home. Towels, scrap paper, yellow Blair neckies, folders, whatever you can find!

Challenge 2

Blair is all about connections between countries. Visit the Scoutlink Chat and find out about someone in another country

Challenge 3

Visit all 9 camp tents and areas.

Challenge 4

Who loves the mud?  We love the mud. Get outdoors and get muddy!!

Challenge 5

Go for a walk, track your location and try to draw a giant Blair badge or fleur de lis. Can you beat this immense effort by the Camp Chief and family? If you use Strava, join the BlairEverywhere club to share your attempt too.

Challenge 6

The Ultimate Blair Everywhere Quiz

  • What colour is Simon’s Lamb’s spork?
  • What Scottish sport might Raff play?
  • What is Linda’s friend called?
  • What is the name of the hero that stands over Target Park?
  • Who was the first Blair Atholl Camp Chief?
  • What item belonging to the second Camp Chief made an appearance at Blair Everywhere?
  • What festive occasion is celebrated this Saturday at Blair Everywhere?
  • What year did Colin first attend Blair Atholl?
  • What animal does Sharkey sing about?
  • What is the camp chief’s nickname on Scoutlink?

We’ll reveal the answers at the end of Blair Everywhere!

Challenge 7

Try not to get rained on!

Scouts having a party at Blair Atholl Jamborette 2018

Join the Scoutlink Chat Room

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Join us in our Blair Everywhere chat room and talk to other young people from around the world taking part in Blair Everywhere on ScoutLink!

The chat room will be open

Friday 6.30pm – 9pm

Saturday 2pm – 10.30pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm

four USA scout leaders sat around a picnic table

Learn about Syracuse Salt potatoes

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Learn about this favourite traditional recipe from one of our USA contingents.

Share your pictures and videos with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

A picture of a Scout leader cooking chorizo

Cooking with Chorizo

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Join us as one of the Spanish Contingent leaders teaches us a favourite chorizo recipe.

Please ask for permission, and help if you need it, for an adult if you’re cooking this at home!

A screenshot of a tiktok which reads Knobbe - an indigenous game: literally a mashup of lacrosse, hockey & football

Play a game of Knobbe

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Can you play a game of Knobbe at home? If you’re still social distancing, maybe you could get together with friends online and make a TikTok like this of your favourite game.

Share them with us using the #BlairEverywhere on TikTok, Instagram and all our other social media pages

A photo of some Gibraltan scouts learning the La Bomba dance

Learn the Bomba Dance

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La Bomba is a favourite of the Scouts in Gibralta – learn this dance and share your efforts with us on social media. Remember to use the hashtag #BlairEverywhere