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A photo of a canadian scout leader canoeing in a large puddle at the side of the road

Learn the Canoe song for campfire

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We’ll be singing this amazing song at our campfire this evening. We’d love for you to learn it too so you can join in with all three generations of the Nunn family!

Share pictures and videos of you singing (or canoeing safely) with us on social media and use the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

A collage of photos of the Team Sports leaders dancing to Chocolatte

Learn the dance to Choc-o-latte

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Team Sports are BUZZIN’ about Blair Everywhere!

Watch the video to learn the Team Sports’ version of Choc-o-latte

Then share your videos with us on social media using #BlairEverywhere and #TeamSports

If you look for us on TikTok you can duet our video to dance with us!

Everybody say CHOCO – LA – TTE!

Contributed by Team Sports

A photo of someone wearing gloves wrapping a bandage around someone's arm


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See our tips on applying bandages and watch the tutorial video.

Remember if you need first aid help during Blair Everywhere, ask a parent or an adult who can help you.

A drawing of someone holding a bandage against a bleeding wound


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Have a look at our slides for the ways you can treat different kind of wounds.

Remember to get help from a First Aider or another adult if you need to.

A diagram showing the size of ticks relative to a person's thumb


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Ticks are small biting insects, common in the Scottish countryside. Have a look at the slide show and video for how to spot them, avoid them, and deal with tick bites.

Remember if you need first aid during Blair Everywhere, ask a parent or an adult who can help you.

The Thinking Times – Friday

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Welcome to the first edition of this year’s Thinking Times. Feel free to print them out and display them somewhere where you can take a few minutes during the day to think.

We hope that these provide you with daily stimulation giving you ‘food for thought’, a smile, a challenge, and maybe all three.

A photo of a chimney piece set up in a tent, decorate for Christmas

Happy Christmas!

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Every Blair year (the even years) you get to celebrate Christmas twice! Once in December and once on the 25th July.

Here’s a fun puzzle for you to complete – who might come to visit your Subcamp if you’ve done well in your inspections all week?

(There’s a warning message when you click through, but we promise this puzzle is suitable for Scouts of all ages!)

And did you find the Christmas tune in our Best of Blair Radio 2012-2014 playlist?

A close up photo of a home made leather woggle decorated with a Scottish flag

Leather woggles

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Learn how to make a leather woggle. If you’ve not got vegetable tanned leather, why not upcycle an unused or broken leather bag or belt for example.

Share a picture of your finished woggle with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Leatherworking team