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A photo of a scout covered in mud during the Atholl Experience

The Camp Chief’s Mission

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Done all the activities on the site? (There’s over 60!) Or looking for a fresh challenge? Complete our Camp Chief’s mission and share your efforts on social media using #CCMission and #BlairEverywhere. We’ll pick some of our favourites to share, and there may even be prizes available!

If you social media accounts are private you can share with us by emailing Make sure to tell us in the email if it’s ok for us to share your pictures with other Scouts at Blair Everywhere.

Challenge 1

Make a Giant Blair Badge from materials around the home. Towels, scrap paper, yellow Blair neckies, folders, whatever you can find!

Challenge 2

Blair is all about connections between countries. Visit the Scoutlink Chat and find out about someone in another country

Challenge 3

Visit all 9 camp tents and areas.

Challenge 4

Who loves the mud?  We love the mud. Get outdoors and get muddy!!

Challenge 5

Go for a walk, track your location and try to draw a giant Blair badge or fleur de lis. Can you beat this immense effort by the Camp Chief and family? If you use Strava, join the BlairEverywhere club to share your attempt too.

Challenge 6

The Ultimate Blair Everywhere Quiz

  • What colour is Simon’s Lamb’s spork?
  • What Scottish sport might Raff play?
  • What is Linda’s friend called?
  • What is the name of the hero that stands over Target Park?
  • Who was the first Blair Atholl Camp Chief?
  • What item belonging to the second Camp Chief made an appearance at Blair Everywhere?
  • What festive occasion is celebrated this Saturday at Blair Everywhere?
  • What year did Colin first attend Blair Atholl?
  • What animal does Sharkey sing about?
  • What is the camp chief’s nickname on Scoutlink?

We’ll reveal the answers at the end of Blair Everywhere!

Challenge 7

Try not to get rained on!

Scouts having a party at Blair Atholl Jamborette 2018

Join the Scoutlink Chat Room

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Join us in our Blair Everywhere chat room and talk to other young people from around the world taking part in Blair Everywhere on ScoutLink!

The chat room will be open

Friday 6.30pm – 9pm

Saturday 2pm – 10.30pm

Sunday 11am – 3pm

A collage of photos of the Team Sports leaders dancing to Chocolatte

Learn the dance to Choc-o-latte

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Team Sports are BUZZIN’ about Blair Everywhere!

Watch the video to learn the Team Sports’ version of Choc-o-latte

Then share your videos with us on social media using #BlairEverywhere and #TeamSports

If you look for us on TikTok you can duet our video to dance with us!

Everybody say CHOCO – LA – TTE!

Contributed by Team Sports

A close up photo of a home made leather woggle decorated with a Scottish flag

Leather woggles

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Learn how to make a leather woggle. If you’ve not got vegetable tanned leather, why not upcycle an unused or broken leather bag or belt for example.

Share a picture of your finished woggle with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Leatherworking team

A screen shot of Simon's Freeze Frame Challenge from the video, but the bottom two pictures are blurred so you can't see the ending

The Freeze Frame Challenge

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Use your acting, photography and storytelling skills to amaze and entertain us!

Watch the video for more details, and follow the instructions below.

  1. Take four photographs telling one story
  2. Share them on our Facebook page, or tag us in a Tweet, TikTok or Instagram post.
  3. Use the hashtags #BlairEverywhere and #FreezeFrameChallenge
  4. Remember to give your masterpiece a title
  5. Check out the other fabulous dramatic productions on display.

Contributed by the Blair AKToR team

A photo of a pink and blue homemade rope

Homemade Rope

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  • Ball of string (different colours if you have)
  • Screw in cup hook (or clip carabiner)
  • Pencil or Pencil for winding.


1. Attach hook/carabiner so it’s secure to fence or tree etc. (Image 1)

2. Cut string about 4m long  (2m each colour if you have) and bring the 2 ends/tails together and tie in an overhand knot. You should now have a large circle of string. (Image 2)

3. Hook the circle into the hook/carabiner. Step backwards until the string is taught. (Image 1)

4. Insert pen/pencil into the loop where you are holding. (Image 3 & 4)

5. Keeping the string tight in one hand, use the other hand to twist the pencil clockwise. (Image 5)

6. You will notice the string starting to twist together. DON’T LET THE STRING GO SLACK! (Image 6)

7. Keep winding, when the string feels very twisted you can test to see that it is tight enough by carefully reducing the tension. If it looks like it’d going to for a little knot on it’s own, it’s ready! If not wind some more and repeat as above.Go up to the half way mark with one hand, keep your string nice and tight. Hook the pencil end around the hook which divides the length of string into 2. Pull back with the pencil hand which will pull the other hand forward and you should now have 3 pieces all the same length. Watch the short video on folding the rope and ‘untwisting’.

8. KEEP THE STRING TIGHT. Turn the pencil anti-clockwise this time until tight again. Give a bit of a pull to ‘set the rope’.

9. Take 2 small pieces of string and tie just above the pencil and just below the hook to secure. (Image 7)

10. Remove pencil and rope from the hook and cut the ends off. (Image 8)

Share your finished rope (or any funny mishaps) on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Bushcraft team

A red carton heart with a smiley face, and a ribbon with the words Care Homes

Care for Care Homes

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Join us in reducing the loneliness and improving the wellbeing of people in care homes as we collectively carry out 10,000 acts of kindness.

Care homes have been hit incredibly hard by the current global pandemic, from residents falling ill to being separated from their loved ones. Our young people have told us that they usually help care homes throughout the year and that the current crisis shouldn’t stop that from happening.

You could make kindness rocks, write letters or draw pictures, make videos or share skills.

Choose and record your act of kindness on the Scouts website, and share on social media with the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Community Impact team

Three for 3

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Take action to help other people by sharing three things you’re doing to stay positive during the coronavirus crisis with three others.

Write (or draw) three things you’re doing to look after your mental wellbeing during this challenging time and share these ideas with three other people.

Find out more on the Scouts website. If you’d like to share your three things on social media too, remember to use the hashtags #BlairEverywhere and #ThreeFor3

Contributed by the Community Impact team

The Munro Mountain Hike Challenge

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One of the main mountains that we climb at Blair Atholl, and which can be seen from the campsite is Carn Liath (part of the Beinn A’Ghlo range) which is classed as a “Munro”.

Munros are mountains in Scotland who’s summit height is 3,000 feet (914.4 metres) and higher.

The summit of Carn Liath is 3,202 feet or 975 metres high.

Walking and climbing mountains as part of Scouting activities usually requires the activity to be led by people with appropriate experience and qualifications/adventurous activity permits.

So instead of going for an actual hillwalk, why not walk/climb the height of Carn Liath from the comfort of your own home

  • Climb the stairs in your house, or another suitable/safe venue, the appropriate number of times to reach the equivalent height.
  • The average height of an individual stair is around 20cm, meaning 5 stairs in a metre, and 4,875 stairs to the top of Carn Liath
  • The average flight of stairs in the UK usually consists of 14 stairs
  • Meaning that you would need to walk up 348.2 flights of stairs to reach the top (assuming starting from sea level!).

Try it – how long will it take you?

Don’t forget to take the appropriate kit with you – good comfy footwear, snacks, water bottle and don’t forget the waterproofs (it is Scotland after all).

If this seems like too much of a challenge, our Hill Walking team also offer a very popular Ice Cream Hike, which you can try instead.

Share pictures of your Munro Challenge with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere

Contributed by the Hill Team