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The Thinking Times – Friday

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Welcome to the first edition of this year’s Thinking Times. Feel free to print them out and display them somewhere where you can take a few minutes during the day to think.

We hope that these provide you with daily stimulation giving you ‘food for thought’, a smile, a challenge, and maybe all three.

Stewart Subcamp challenge

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Hi, I’m Raff from Stewart Subcamp. My challenge for you is to get the funniest photo you can with items from the house. So for instance, I’ve got a golf club, a colander, I’ve got a wee hat, glasses, a hard hat, and and a telescope that I’ve found. If you can’t put your hands on anything, don’t worry you can download images, for instance, I’ve downloaded the Blair Atholl 2020 / Blair Everywhere logo. I’ve put a wee comment at the bottom for the other subcamps (it says “Stewart Subcamp #1”) And all you have to do is put some items on like, I’ll put my hat on. Put my glasses on. And I will use that telescope. And I’m going to do is have a big smile, enjoying myself, take a picture and send it. And so that’s my challenge to you. Good luck and keep it safe.

Post your silly selfie social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!

George from MacDonald Subcamp at Blair Atholl

MacDonald Subcamp challenge

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Hi, I’m George from MacDonald subcamp and I hope you’re all having a great time. I’m here to show you how we build the dining shelter at Blair Atholl each year. So here’s one I prepared earlier, as you see, it’s not quite to scale. The challenge is we’re hoping that you can build it with canes. On this one I’ve used canes and rubber bands. Make sure you’re lashing them tight. Okay, so you don’t have to do it with canes. So if you just come this way a bit, you can try it with some straws, just give it a try or you’ve got some cocktail sticks. And if you’re really smart, you can try and put some plastic over the top of it as a tarpaulin. So there you go. You can try it with everything else. You can try it with a broom handles Scout staves if you can get access to them. However, when you do finish it all, and you take a video of it, or a photograph of it, you must finish it off with the Blair Atholl special, have a nice Gold Bar and enjoy the camp. Bye for now.

Post a picture or video of your model dining shelter on social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!

MacLean Subcamp challenge

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Hi, my name is Linda and I’m a subcamp leader from MacLean subcamp. My challenge for you this weekend is to create a mascot out of a raw egg. Now you can use any materials you have lying around the house to decorate it, give it a name, and then have it with you doing whatever it is you’re going to be doing this weekend until the close of Blair Everywhere. And the challenge is to keep your egg in one piece. Now you can upload a photograph of it, if you want to. Just to give you some ideas, here’s my effort. So this is Blair. You can tell I thought about that name for a very long time. So Blair is going to be doing everything with me this weekend. Um, and I’m going to be trying to keep her in one piece. She’s become a bit attached to the egg cup because I accidentally superglued her in there, so maybe not try that one. So good luck everyone!

Post your pictures of your egg mascots on social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!

Morrison Subcamp challenge

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Hi there. I’m Amy, the Morrison subcamp leader. My subcamp challenge to you is to make yourselves a meal from one of our international contingents. I’m just finishing off my Canadian pancakes here to go with breakfast. Now. Where did I put the maple syrup?

Post your pictures or videos of your internationally inspired cooking on social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!

Colin from Robertson Subcamp

Robertson Subcamp challenge

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Hello everyone. My name is Colin and I’m the subcamp leader on Robertson subcamp. My subcamp leader challenge is to create a subcamp chant or song, for one of the six subcamps that you might have been lucky to be on if you were at the camp. So if you were on Murray, you could have went along the lines of

Murray Murray Murray – Oi Oi Oi

Murray Murray Murray – Oi Oi Oi

Murray – Oi – Murray – Oi

Murray Murray Murray – Oi Oi Oi

If you’re on McClean, you could have went along the lines off:

(To the tune of Singing in the Rain)

We’re singing in McLean, just singing in McLean,

what a glorious feeling, I’m- happy again

MacDonald you could have went.

Mac Mac Mac – Donald Donald Donald

Mac Mac Mac – Donald Donald Donald

Mac – Donald – Mac – Donald

Mac Mac Mac – Donald Donald Donald

If you were on Morrison, you could have had

(to the tune of the Addams Family)

We’re camping at Blair Atholl, We’re next door to the castle

We’re Morrison Sub camp

Doodly-do *snap snap*

For Stewart:

(to the tune of Hey Baby)

Heeey, Hey Stewart (Ooh, ah)

I wanna kno-o-o-o-o-o-ow who’s the best subcamp.

And finally Robertson:

(to the tune of Agadoo)

Robertson -son -son, we’re the best oh yes we are

Robertson -son -son, we’re the best subcamp by far.

Stewart left, Murray right, Maclean, where is your tree?

We all know that Robertson is the place you wanna be!

Good luck guys. Send in your ideas, when you can.

Post a video of your chant on social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!