First Aid

Blair Everywhere is a virtual event so our lovely medical team are at home enjoying activities just like you. If you need actual first aid during Blair Everywhere, please ask an adult for help, or call an ambulance in an emergency! Our website is pretty good, but it can’t bandage wounds or treat burns for you.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about first aid, our camp doctor has shared some insight as to how we treat the most common injuries to occur at Blair Atholl.

Burns and scalds

Discover how we treat burns and scalds at Blair Atholl Jamborette. Remember, if you need first aid right now, ask ...
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Heat Exhaustion

Learn what we do to help Scouts and Leaders at Blair Atholl who are suffering from heat exhaustion. Remember if ...
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A photo of someone wearing gloves wrapping a bandage around someone's arm


See our tips on applying bandages and watch the tutorial video. Remember if you need first aid help during Blair ...
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A drawing of someone holding a bandage against a bleeding wound


Have a look at our slides for the ways you can treat different kind of wounds. Remember to get help ...
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A diagram showing the size of ticks relative to a person's thumb


Ticks are small biting insects, common in the Scottish countryside. Have a look at the slide show and video for ...
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