Satellite Camp

At Blair Atholl, the Satellite camp runs over the long weekend in the middle of camp, and younger Scottish Scouts (aged 10-13) come to join in and get a taste of what Blair is like.

This year, Scouts of all ages are invited to Blair Everywhere, so we’ve turned the Satellite Camp into a space-themed activity area. Can you spot famous satellites like the Moon, or the International Space Station?

A drawing of a model of the International Space Station

Build your own ISS

Option 1: Make it from a template Head to the Double Helix website (Double Helix is a science magazine for ...
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Planetarium at home

If the conditions aren’t quite right for stargazing or you just want to explore the night sky from the comfort ...
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Star Map Blair Atholl 24 July 2020


Blair Atholl is a great place for stargazing, especially if you’re taking part in activities like overnight cycle bothy, where ...
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