Build your own ISS

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A drawing of a model of the International Space Station

Option 1: Make it from a template

Head to the Double Helix website (Double Helix is a science magazine for young people in Australia!)

Print the paper templates.

Cut, fold and glue to make your own ISS

Option 2: Raid the recycling bin

Alternatively recycle your empty cans, crisp tubes and toilet rolls and other materials.

Check out the instructions on the European Space Agency website

You’ll also need

  • some wooden skewers, sticks or pipe cleaners
  • glue and scissors
  • aluminium foil
  • string
  • white or coloured paper
  • felt-tip pens and anything else you’d like to use to decorate it.

We’d love to see pictures of your model space station on social media – share them with the hashtag #BlairEverywhere.