MacLean Subcamp challenge

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Hi, my name is Linda and I’m a subcamp leader from MacLean subcamp. My challenge for you this weekend is to create a mascot out of a raw egg. Now you can use any materials you have lying around the house to decorate it, give it a name, and then have it with you doing whatever it is you’re going to be doing this weekend until the close of Blair Everywhere. And the challenge is to keep your egg in one piece. Now you can upload a photograph of it, if you want to. Just to give you some ideas, here’s my effort. So this is Blair. You can tell I thought about that name for a very long time. So Blair is going to be doing everything with me this weekend. Um, and I’m going to be trying to keep her in one piece. She’s become a bit attached to the egg cup because I accidentally superglued her in there, so maybe not try that one. So good luck everyone!

Post your pictures of your egg mascots on social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!