Stewart Subcamp challenge

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Hi, I’m Raff from Stewart Subcamp. My challenge for you is to get the funniest photo you can with items from the house. So for instance, I’ve got a golf club, a colander, I’ve got a wee hat, glasses, a hard hat, and and a telescope that I’ve found. If you can’t put your hands on anything, don’t worry you can download images, for instance, I’ve downloaded the Blair Atholl 2020 / Blair Everywhere logo. I’ve put a wee comment at the bottom for the other subcamps (it says “Stewart Subcamp #1”) And all you have to do is put some items on like, I’ll put my hat on. Put my glasses on. And I will use that telescope. And I’m going to do is have a big smile, enjoying myself, take a picture and send it. And so that’s my challenge to you. Good luck and keep it safe.

Post your silly selfie social media, and remember to use #BlairEverywhere so we can all see!