The Country Fair

On the middle Saturday of Blair Atholl (which would have been today!) we hold a Country Fair, where all the Scouts from Scotland and the world share games, food and activities from their countries.

We have a few here for you to try out this year – if you do, make sure to share them with us on social media using the hashtag #BlairEverywhere.

If you have other activities we could do, feel free to post about those too, share them with us, use the hashtag, and encourage your friends to join in.

Scouts having a party at Blair Atholl Jamborette 2018

Join the Scoutlink Chat Room

Join us in our Blair Everywhere chat room and talk to other young people from around the world taking part ...
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four USA scout leaders sat around a picnic table

Learn about Syracuse Salt potatoes

Learn about this favourite traditional recipe from one of our USA contingents. Share your pictures and videos with us on ...
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A photo of a canadian scout leader canoeing in a large puddle at the side of the road

Learn the Canoe song for campfire

We'll be singing this amazing song at our campfire this evening. We'd love for you to learn it too so ...
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A photo of a box oven

Make your own box oven cookies

Some of our friends from the USA contingent have shared with us how to make a box oven and use ...
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A photo of some Gibraltan scouts learning the La Bomba dance

Learn the Bomba Dance

La Bomba is a favourite of the Scouts in Gibralta - learn this dance and share your efforts with us ...
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A screenshot of a tiktok which reads Knobbe - an indigenous game: literally a mashup of lacrosse, hockey & football

Play a game of Knobbe

Can you play a game of Knobbe at home? If you're still social distancing, maybe you could get together with ...
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A picture of a Scout leader cooking chorizo

Cooking with Chorizo

Join us as one of the Spanish Contingent leaders teaches us a favourite chorizo recipe. Please ask for permission, and ...
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Scouts in national dress at Blair Atholl Jamborette

The Country Fair – Saturday 2pm

Join us live on our Facebook page as we open the international Country Fair at 2pm on Saturday 25 July ...
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