The Welcome Tent

If you’re new to Blair Atholl, welcome! And if you’re been along before, welcome back!

The welcome tent is where you can learn a little about Blair Atholl’s history, find out about badges, chat with other Scouts at Blair Everywhere, and see what’s happening on social media.

Haste Ye Back!

The Thinking Times – Sunday

"Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticise me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I ...
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A photo of a scout covered in mud during the Atholl Experience

The Camp Chief’s Mission

Done all the activities on the site? (There's over 60!) Or looking for a fresh challenge? Complete our Camp Chief's ...
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Scouts having a party at Blair Atholl Jamborette 2018

Join the Scoutlink Chat Room

Join us in our Blair Everywhere chat room and talk to other young people from around the world taking part ...
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The Thinking Times – Saturday

Whilst this might not have been the camp we were all hoping for, with well over 1500 Scouts, Explorers and ...
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The Thinking Times – Friday

Welcome to the first edition of this year's Thinking Times. Feel free to print them out and display them somewhere ...
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Someone taking a picture outside with a mobile phone

Our Social Media

You can find us on: Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok Who else is doing Blair Everywhere? If you want to see ...
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The Blair Everywhere badge design. Shaped like a shield. Blair Everywhere is at the top on a purple stripe. Then a drawing of Blair Castle. 2020 is in a yellow banner at the bottom.

How does Blair Everywhere work?

Welcome! There are lots of ways you can join in with Blair Everywhere. You can watch our Live Events on ...
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Blair Atholl 2020 special badge We wanted to maintain the traditional Blair Atholl yellow badge for 2020 participants, but have ...
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A photo of the camp chief singing campfire songs around a small fire pit in his back garden

Ask the Camp Chief – 4pm Saturday

Our Camp Chief, Colin Peters, will be joining us on Scoutlink at 4pm on Saturday! It's easy and safe to ...
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