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Welcome to the Blair Atholl Jamborette

The Blair Atholl Jamborette is Scottish Scouting's premier international event. 

It brings together over 1,000 Explorer Scouts and Leaders from all over the world for a 10 day camp in a picturesque corner of highland Perthshire.

Every 2 years since 1946 the tranquil grounds of Blair Castle have been transformed with participants from all over the world coming together to camp and share in fun, friendship, and a massive range of adventurous activities and challenges.

Around 1700 Scouts and adults took part in the 2018 camp during which Scottish Scouts representing every District and Region in the country were paired with fellow scouts from as far afield as Japan, Ecuador and Canada.

Overseas visitors to the camp are treated as the guests of the Scottish Scouts.  All you need to bring with you is your own personal kit, everything else is supplied for you. The Scottish Scouts and their overseas guests camp in joint patrols on subcamps, working together to ensure high camping standards under the watchful eye of the subcamp teams.

After the camp the Blair Atholl experience continues with a period of up to 5 days home hospitality with the friends made at the camp.

The camp continues to grow in popularity but numbers are capped as it has been said of the Jamborettes that small is beautiful and there are few who attend Blair Atholl that wouldn't agree!

The vision of the founder, Jack Stewart, that the Blair Atholl formula of scouts camping together in twinned patrols without leaders, one talking to one, two talking to two, four talking to four and so on, as the ultimate equation for better friendship, peace and understanding throughout the nations of the world is still achieved and continues to holds true even now.

Interested, then click here to email for more information and how to book.  Expressions of interest will be invited during March 2019

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