Visitors Day

Saturday 20th July

About Visitors Day

The camp is open to visitors on Saturday 20th July from 1pm.  Car parking is on the field to the left of the main castle drive.  We encourage the use of public transport where possible.

The country fair opens at 2pm.  You’ll find stalls giving out tasty delights representing the various countries attending the camp, games to play, and entertainment provided by our Scottish and Overseas Scouts.

Some parents take the opportunity to visit the subcamps, to bring fresh clothes, charged battery pack, and to remove laundry.  Some parents take their Explorer to have a meal with the family on the Saturday evening.  If doing this, subcamps must be informed and we encourage that an international scout is also taken in the spirit of Scouting friendship.

The international campfire takes place at 9pm.  Visitors are welcome to join us for the hillside spectacular.


Is there an entry fee for the Country Fair?
A small donation of about £2 is suggested.  On entry you receive a supply of Atholls

What are Atholls?
The Bank of Scoutland issues Atholls which can be exchanged at the stalls in the Country Fair.  They hold no monetary value. Tax inspectors have been known to take from the rich to give to the poor.

Does the camp provide medical facilitites?
The camp medical team are on hand for medical emergencies while awaiting formal review.